Voluntary Separation Plan for Staff - Update

Jun 1, 2021 8:55 AM

FSU has been unable to reach an agreement with AFSCME regarding the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) for staff during the program's application window. Therefore, we are canceling the VSP for all staff at this time. The program for faculty remains in place.

FSU bargained with AFSCME for a few weeks and made compromises and changes to the original plan that included expanding the age eligibility requirements and offering additional money to employees on the lower end of the salary bracket. However, FSU could not accept the AFSCME counteroffer on the requirements regarding vacant positions. Disappointingly, the union would not withdraw that part of its counterproposal. Nevertheless, FSU is still willing to negotiate. If we can agree on terms, we may submit a staff VSP request again in the future.

If AFSCME-represented employees have questions regarding the VSP, they are urged to contact their AFSCME representatives. Non-bargaining employees may contact Lee Ann Nightingale in the Office of Human Resources at either ext. 4398 or email LNightingale@frostburg.edu.