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Library Learning Goals for Library User Education

These goals reflect objectives for library instruction sessions that teaching librarians conduct for the FSU campus community at all levels of undergraduate and graduate education in order to empower student research.

Information Literacy Student Learning Goals (students in 100- and 200-level courses)

  • Students will frame a research question and identify main concepts and corresponding keywords that can be used during the search process.

  • Students will learn to understand the differences between information sources.

  • Students will learn to use OneSearch and catalog USMAI (the online catalog of the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions) to identify appropriate books and items within the library and the University system.

  • Students will learn to use OneSearch and Research Port to identify and find appropriate articles for their research.

  • Students will learn to efficiently and effectively access information and identify credible sources, including information from the World Wide Web.

  • Students will understand that there are different documentation styles for citing sources.

Information Fluency Student Learning Goals (students in 300-level courses and above)

  • Students will learn to articulate a focused research question.

  • Students will learn to identify and select the most appropriate research tool to answer the question.

  • Students will learn to develop effective search strategies to find the best sources.

  • Students will critically review the information retrieved in order to modify and focus subsequent searching.

  • Students will understand the value of documentation with research publications to identify additional information sources for a specific research topic.

  • Students will understand the ethical parameters affecting the use of information that may include copyright, plagiarism, censorship and privacy.