From the President’s Desk: Welcome to a Special New Bobcat

Jun 13, 2019 10:10 AM

Yes, we welcomed a new Bobcat to campus this spring! This one, a metal statue overlooking the Clock Tower from the plaza in front of Compton Science Center, will be with us for many years.

This achievement is thanks to the initiative of our student leaders and their generosity and that of many alums and friends, with funds being raised through an online crowdfunding campaign. The Student Government Association wanted a statue to serve as a campus rallying point, a birthplace for new Bobcat traditions, a physical manifestation of campus pride and a picture-perfect companion for future Bobcat selfies.

You often hear of initiatives being top-down. Not this one – it was from the grassroots up! FSU students wanted a lasting symbol of their pride in their school, and they took ownership of this project. It’s wonderful to see that initiative and follow-through in our students. These are traits that are so common among our alums.

So what’s next? We will be finding more ways to display Bobcat pride on campus. We have done some small things like decorating with paw prints in renovated residence halls, including paw prints on the shower curtains. But we have some more ideas, and we will be working with students to show that pride on the campus.

Be sure to introduce yourself to the new Bobcat and get that selfie next time you are on campus!