2019 News


Jan 14, 2019
Frostburg Professor’s New Book Unveils the Dangerous Hidden Game Lurking Online
Within rhetorical studies, the study of persuasive communication, the internet presents a conundrum. Since Ancient Greece, traditional rhetoric has considered invalid arguments to be ineffective and unworthy of study or response. Online, though, traditional rhetoric is typically ineffective, and fallacies are commonplace. Rather than arguing rhetorically, internet trolls can simply gang up to mock or threaten people into quitting an argument or logging off entirely.

Jan 9, 2019
CES at FSU Presents World-Class Performers in Spring Lineup
CES at Frostburg State University continues its 2018-19 season with a spring lineup of award-winning musicians and professional artists from around the world, performing rhythmic pop and soul, jazz, Irish folk and international music, a cappella singing and ballet.