Pelesky Given Frostburg State University President’s Distinguished Staff Award

Nov 3, 2021 12:00 PM

Tim Pelesky receives Distinguished Staff AwardTim Pelesky, Frostburg State University’s interim chief information officer, has been selected as the fourth recipient of the President’s Distinguished Staff Award. He was serving as director of Information Technology Applications and Development at the time of his selection. 

This award recognizes a staff member who has provided exceptional service to the University and has helped to advance its mission, goals and priorities. FSU awards the President’s Distinguished Staff Award in recognition of the countless ways that staff support Frostburg’s excellence. 

“Tim’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic have been exceptional,” said FSU President Ronald Nowaczyk. “He led and implemented the University’s COVID-19 check-in app. The application and its many reporting functions have made the monitoring of campus safety, along with administration and recording of easily accessible and seamless testing and reporting, possible. He has accomplished that with humility and little recognition beyond that from those working with him as part of the COVID-19 recovery team.” 

The FSU check-in portal started with individual symptom monitoring and collection of test results in collaboration with three different vendors and increased its capability to add vaccination status and interfacing with rapid antigen tests to allow members of the campus community to learn their test results in minutes. 

His technical expertise gave the University the ability to track and report data in a secure fashion and make decisions that kept the University operating based on the most current information possible.