Dr. Jamil Abdo and Dr. Mohammed S. Eltayeb, Physics and Engineering
$160,000, Maryland Industrial Partnerships Grant with MIPS and Beitzel Corporation, for “Mobile Solar PV Power Plant With Battery Storage,” February 2023-February 2024.
Dr. Jamil Abdo and Dr. Julie Yi-Zun Wang, Physics and Engineering
$100,000, Maryland Industrial Partnerships Grant with MIPS and Intelligent Fusion Technology Company, for “Lidar Sensors Assessment in Autonomous Vehicles (Dynamic Conditions),” July 2021-December 2022.
Dr. Jamil Abdo, Physics and Engineering, and Stacy L. Wassell, Small Business Development Centers
$144,000, Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund Entrepreneurship, to fund operation and upfitting of Center for Product Design and Advanced Manufacturing and Remote Center, September 2022-June 2023.
Dr. Jennifer L. Bishoff, Educational Professions
$4.1 million, Teacher Residency Lead, Maryland Accelerates Grant, to create teacher residencies for preservice educators.
Andy Duncan, English and Foreign Languages
Travel grants to support attendance at ICFA 44 in March 2023:
$500, Department of English and Foreign Languages
$500, University’s Faculty Development Fund, Conference Presentation Grant
Dr. Karen L. Keller, Biology
FSU Foundation Opportunity Grants:
$4,000, for the Annual FSU Undergraduate Research Symposium
$1,665, for the CLAS Undergraduate Research Travel Fund
Dr. Thomas D. Lambert, Biology
Faculty Development Grant, “Establishing Long-Term Mammal Survey Sites in the Savage River State Forest and Surrounding Areas.”
Nicole A. Mattis, Theatre and Dance
$5,525, FSU Foundation Opportunity Grant, Woodward and Virginia Pealer Endowment Fund, Mountain Maryland Theatre Festival.
$4,000, Maryland State Arts Council Grant, Thoughts of a Colored Man.
$2,000, Allegany Arts Council General Operating Grant, Mountain Maryland Theatre Festival.
Dr. Kumudini A. Munasinghe, Biology
Faculty Development Fund:
$300, “Development of Growth Models for Bacteria and Fungi Extracted From Soils of Four States,” Fall 2022
$1,000, “Analysis of Soil Microbial Diversity in Western Maryland by Using Next-Generation Sequencing,” Spring 2022
Dr. Kumudini A. Munasinghe, Biology, and Dr. Phillip P. Allen, Geography
$3,765, President’s Experiential Learning Enhancement Fund, “Development of Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer With Nitrogen-Fixing Microorganisms,” with Blair Knouse.
Dr. Meghan K. O’Neal, Nursing
$50,000, New Faculty Grant, to support new faculty members in professional development or salary supplementation.
Dr. David P. Puthoff, Biology
$2,600, FSU Foundation, “Tree Campus FSU: Service and Science Come Together With Trees.”
Dr. Richard L. Raesly, Biology
$20,127, Maryland DNR Resource Assessment Service, Maryland Biological Stream Survey QA/QC, 2022.
$4,935, Maryland DNR Natural Heritage Service, Hellbender Survey of Casselman and Youghiogheny Rivers, 2022.
Dr. Thomas L. Serfass, Biology
$69,912, National Park Service, “Evaluating CHOH and HAFE as Population Sources/Corridors for Forest Carnivores.”
$20,000, West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, “Consumption of Gamefish by River Otters in West Virginia.”
Dr. Kate L. Sheehan, Biology
$26,850, American Association of University Women, “Bacterial Infections and the Seabird Microbiome,” 2023.
$5,279, President’s Experiential Learning Enhancement Fund, “Field Studies of Freshwater Community Interactions and the Roles of Birds as Consumers,” 2023.
$2,505, Nisbet Research Award, The Waterbird Society, “Pathogenic Bacteria in Larids and the Impacts on Host Microbiome,” 2023.
$35,000, USDA/APHIS Wildlife Services, National Wildlife Research Center, “Parasite Communities of Avian Predators of Shrimp Aquaculture in the Southeastern U.S.,” 2022.
$2,875, FSU Foundation Opportunity Grant, “Student Field, Laboratory and Cultural Experiences in Alaska,” 2022
$4,518, President’s Experiential Learning Enhancement Fund, “Field and Lab Studies of Aquatic Organisms and How They Interact With Microplastic Pollution.”
$1,000, American Microscopical Society Microscopy Training Fellowship, “Training, Configuration, Use and Maintenance of Infrared Microscopy Equipment for the Chemical Identification of Environmental Microplastic Particles.”
$300, Western Maryland Bird Club.
Dr. Rebekah T. Taylor, Biology
$6,146, Research Coordination Networks in Undergraduate Biology Education (RCN-UBE), National Science Foundation, “RCN-UBE Incubator: Incorporating Immunology Into the Curriculum to Promote Interdisciplinary Science Education.”
$3,000, College Board, AP Biology Comparability Study.
$2,250, American Association of Immunologists Travel Grant.
$400, American Society for Microbiology Science Festival Grant, FSU Summer STEM Camp.
Clara R. Thiel, Biology
$3,260, President’s Experiential Learning Enhancement Fund, used to provide experiential learning opportunities in plant collections and processing for undergraduate students interested in plant ecology and conservation.
$500, FSU Conference Presentation Award, used to attend and present at the Annual Association of Southeastern Biologists Conference.
Dr. Jamelyn C. Tobery-Nystrom, Educational Professions
$90,000, Maryland State Department of Education, Elevate Grant, “FSU HUB@USMH: Providing Equitable Family Engagement and Professional Learning Communities With a Focus on Evidence-Based Practice.”
Dr. Brent M. Weber, Music
$5,000, Maryland State Arts Council Grant, to bring the Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra to Allegany County for events at FSU and in Cumberland.
$350, President’s Experiential Learning Enhancement Fund, to support FSU students to participate in North American Saxophone Alliance Conference.
Dr. Joseph S. Yungen, Music
Proposal to invite violinist Matous Michal (of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra) as guest artist was accepted, leading to violin and piano concerts at FSU and Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Cumberland, September 2022.