Dr. Jamil Abdo, Physics and Engineering
ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Columbus, Ohio, October-November 2022:
“Assessment of Lidar Imaging Systems for Autonomous Vehicles in Adverse Weather and Under Dynamic Conditions,” with James Mills, Luke Russell, Taylor Frailey and G. Chen, Paper No. IMECE2022-96259
“Gearbox Vibration Analysis Using a Spectrogram and Power Spectrum Approach,” with S. Mohammed and N. Ghazaly, Paper No. IMECE2022-9521
Seventh World Tribology Congress, Lyon, France, July 2022:
“Characterization of Drillstring During Drilling Operation,” with D. Haneef, MON-T9-S1-R11
“The Effect of Nano-Sepiolite and Attapulgite on the Tribological Properties of Drilling Fluids,” with D. Haneef, FRI-T7-S16-R10
Dr. Amy Branam Armiento, English and Foreign Languages
Presented two talks, one at an international conference and one broadcast in Romania.
Dr. David B. Atenasio, Philosophy
“Crime and Community,” North American Society for Social Philosophy Conference, Neumann University, Aston, Pa., July 2022.
Dr. D. Alan Bensley, Psychology
34th Annual Meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, Washington, D.C., May 2023:
“Relations Between Scientific Skepticism, Scientific Reasoning Skill, Psychological Knowledge and Dispositions,” poster presentation, with A. Brode, H. Culver, S. Griffith and J. Liparini
“Scientific Skepticism, Cynicism, Dogmatism and Gullibility as Predictors of the General Acceptance of Unsubstantiated Claims,” poster presentation, with A. Brode, S. Griffith, H. Culver and J. Liparini
Dr. H. Skott Brill, Philosophy
“The Moral and Legal Status of Abortion,” Philosophical Forum, FSU, Fall 2022.
Dr. Kelly Bubp, Mathematics
“Diversity, Belonging and Introductory Statics,” eCOTS Posters and Beyond Session.
“We Hear You, We Value You!” USM Professional Development Week – Empower Your Journey: Unleash Your Potential (virtual), October 2022.
Presented at several lectures at the Center for Teaching Excellence, FSU.
Daniel P. Champigny, Physician Assistant Program
“How to Ace Your Job Interview Through the Eyes of a Clinician and Faculty,” American Academy of Physician Assistants, Nashville, Tenn., May 2023.
Dr. Jill A. Morris Chihak, English and Foreign Languages, and Dr. Scott E. Rieker, Music
“Our Breath: Diverse Repertoire Is the Key to Healthy Singing,” with the FSU Chamber Singers, Maryland Music Educators Association.
Dr. Jodi L. Eirich, Educational Professions
“Relationship Building Through Diverse Feedback Methods,” Association of Teacher Educators Annual National Meeting, Jacksonville, Fla., March 2023.
“Transition From Pre-Service to In-Service Teaching and the Need for Induction Programs,” NAPDS National Conference, Jacksonville, Fla., March 2023.
Dr. Naomi C. Gades, English and Foreign Languages
“Drinks on Me: Frost’s and Eliot’s Poetic Prescriptions for Scientific Pandemic Panic,” Literature and Science 1922-2022, Rome, March 2023.
“Testing the Spirits: Toward a Lutheran Pedagogy,” Kuyers Institute/INCHE Conference, Grand Rapids, Mich., October 2022.
Audra J. Houser, Nursing
“Nurse Practitioner-Led Behavioral Intervention Program for Adult Patients With Overactive Bladder,” poster presentation:
MedStar Washington Hospital Center Annual Nursing Conference (virtual)
Wellspan Health Collaborate EBP and Nursing Research Conference
“NP-Led Care of Patients With Overactive Bladder,” WVU Urology Conference.
“Rounding the Curve Through the Railway of Healthcare,” Blair NP Conference.
Dr. Franklin P. Hughes, Biology
“Chest Radiography: A Systematic Approach to Interpretation,” Meeting of North Central West Virginia Doctors of Chiropractic, May 2022.
Dr. Heather L. Hurst, Dr. Gerald W. Kiel, Dr. Michael R. Williams and Dr. Seniz Celimli-Aksoy, Educational Professions
Carnegie Project on the Educational Doctorate Convening, Pittsburgh, October 2022:
“A Conceptual Model of Collaboration for Ed.D. Programs”
“Engaging the Community Through a Consultancy-Based Group Practicum”
Dr. Kevin J. Kehrwald, English and Foreign Languages
“Diagnosing Post-Pandemic Cinema: Lessons in Darkness From Victor Sjöström’s The Phantom Carriage (1921),” CEAMAG Regional Conference (virtual), 2022.
Dr. Gerald W. Kiel, Educational Professions
“Engaging the Community Through a Consultancy-Based Group Practicum,” CPED Convening, Pittsburgh, October 2022.
Dr. Kevin W. Knott, English and Foreign Languages
“A Natural Madness: Eco-Nihilism in Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Island of Fay’ (1841) and Everil Worrell’s ‘The Canal’ (1927),” Poe Studies Association Panel, American Literature Association Conference.
Clarissa A. Lang, Veterans Services
“Building Leaders to Build Successful Student Organizations,” National Conference for Student Veterans of America, Orlando, Fla., January 2023.
“Exploring Student Engagement in Hybrid, Remote and In-Person Environments” (online), National Society of Leadership and Success Advisor Webinars, September 2022.
Ashley L. Lester, Visual Arts
“Wiggletown: Dyke Mimicry of Rural Male Signification,” on the panel “The Ruralness: Queer Narratives and Creative Practice Outside of Urban Centers,” Southeast College Art Conference, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.
Dr. Angela L. Luvara, Sociology
Appalachian Studies Association Conference:
“Fat Bitch in the Fattest State: An Autoethnography of My Return to West Virginia and My Return to Body Acceptance”
“Whom Do They Protect and Serve? An Abolitionist Perspective on Policing Appalachia”
Dr. Haiyun Ma, History
Presented research at the CAMEA (ISSI)-FES International Conference on Afghanistan.
Religion, State and Society in China,” Georgetown University,, April 2023.
Global Histories and Practices of Islamophobia,” Georgetown University Qatar, Center for International and Regional Studies,
Pakistan’s Strategic Frontiers: Adapting to Evolving Global Trends,” Islamabad, Pakistan,, February 2023.
Keynote Speaker, ISTAC, Malaysia,, January 2023.
Kathleen A. McGreevy, Development, University Advancement
“Small Shop Success: Reinventing the Wheel,” GiveCampus Partner Success Road Trip, Washington, D.C., July 2022.
Dr. Eric J. Moore, Physics and Engineering
Academic Presenter:
Bobcat Bound Days. April 2023
Campus Visit Days, November 2022 and March and April 2023
“Chargeable vs. Rechargeable Batteries,” Beall Elementary Robotics teams, January 2023.
Dr. Daniel L. Moorehead, Sociology
“Deviant Behavior: A Closer Look,” Brains and Brews, The Deep End, Frostburg, May 2023.
Dr. Kumudini A. Munasinghe, Biology, and Dr. Phillip P. Allen, Geography
“Analysis of Soil Microbial Diversity in Western Maryland by Using Next-Generation Sequencing,” with Caley Neville and Blair Knouse, ASM Microbe, Washington, D.C., June 2022.
Dr. Suranjana Nabar-Bhaduri, Economics
“A Note on Economic Growth and Technological Progress in Developing Economies: Okun and Kaldor-Verdoorn Effects in China and India (1991-2019)” (revised and updated), Allied Social Science Association Conference, New Orleans, January 2023.
Dr. Benjamin N. Norris and Dr. Holly N. Currie, Chemistry
“Evaluating Deep Eutectic Liquids as Solvents for Microwave-Assisted Aldol Reactions,” with A. Roberts, poster presentation, Undergraduate Research Symposium, FSU, May 2023.
Dr. Benjamin N. Norris, Chemistry, Dr. Johnston N. Hegeman, Assistant Vice President and Registrar, Dr. Jeffrey L. McClellan, Management, and Dr. Katherine S. Kinsinger, Academic Advising and Retention
“Excellence in Academic Advising: Facilitating Advising Transformation,” NACADA Annual Conference, Portland, Ore., October 2022.
Dr. Richard L. Raesly, Biology
“Stream Fish Strategies for Survival and Reproduction Explained by Environmental Stability,” with N.P. Hitt and A.P. Landsman, Virginia Chapter of The American Fisheries Society, 2022.
Dr. John F. Raucci, English and Foreign Languages
“The Promises and Perils of Disclosure: Composing Mental Health and Neurodiversity,” Conference on College Composition and Communication.
Dr. James C. Saku, Geography
“Understanding the Population Characteristics of Indigenous Canadians,” Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Denver, March 2023.
“The Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Annual Meeting of Pennsylvania Geographical Society, Johnstown, Pa., November 2022.
“The Demographic Characteristics of American Indians” (virtual), Applied Geography Conference, October 2022.
“Achieving Poverty Reduction in Ghana” (virtual), Applied Geography Conference.
Dr. Thomas L. Serfass, Biology
“Feeding Habits of the North American River Otter (Lontra canadensis) in West Virginia,” with B. Blake, R. Rogers and B. Keplinger, Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 76th Annual Conference, Charleston, W.Va., October 2022.
“Conservation Status of the North American River Otter in the United States and Canada: Assessing Management Practices and Public Perceptions of the Species,” 15th International Otter Congress, Sospel, Alpes-Maritimes, France, September 2022.
“Looking Beyond: Otters as International Ambassadors for Aquatic Education and Conservation,” Transatlantic Perspectives on Conservation and Wildlife Management, Chico Hot Springs, Pray, Mont., May 2022.
Dr. Thomas L. Serfass and Maggie Triska, Biology
“River Otter Latrines as Carnivore-Biodiversity Hotspots: Implications for Monitoring Carnivores and the Development of Education Programs Intended to Promote Conservation of Riparian and Aquatic Habitats,” 15th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Montana State University, Bozeman, Mont., May 2022.
Dr. Thomas L. Serfass, Maggie Triska and Dr. Thomas D. Lambert, Biology
“Assessing Occurrence, Distribution and Occupancy of Carnivores of Conservation Concern Throughout Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park From Cumberland to Hancock, Maryland,” with E. Geibel, A. Landsman and M. Spínola, Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 76th Annual Conference, Charleston, W.Va., October 2022.
Dr. Kate L. Sheehan, Biology
Undergraduate Research Symposium, FSU, May 2023:
“Feather Morphology and Distribution Characteristics of Seabirds Vary With Avian Ecologies,” with M. Lynch, poster presentation
“Impacts of Fish and Biofilm Abundance on Planktonic Communities in a Subarctic Lake,” with E. Weaver and M.K. McHale, poster presentation
“Microplastic Consumption and Cestode Infections in Threespine Stickleback Fish,” with Z. Barnard, poster presentation
“Protein Content of the tapeworm Schistocephalus solidus at Different Developmental Stages,” with M. Summerfield, poster presentation
“Evolution Beyond the Fish: Schistocephalus solidus in Avian Hosts,” Northeastern Naturalist Society, Burlington, Vt., April 2023.
Association of Southeastern Biologists, Winston-Salem, N.C., March 2023:
“Microplastics in Freshwater Food Webs and Their Potential as Substrates for Algal Growth,” with M.E. McHale, poster presentation
“Move It Along: Coevolution of Parasite Longevity and Host Morphology”
Pacific Seabirds Group, La Jolla, Calif., February 2023:
“Parasite Infections and Microplastic Consumption of Seabirds From the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans,” with D. Causey, poster presentation
“When You Land in the Wrong Place: Seabird Parasite Infection Dynamics in Other Waterbird Hosts”
Waterbirds Society Annual Meeting, Corpus Christi, Texas, November 2022:
“Creating an Avian Botulism Disease Model for Michigan,” with M.E. McHale
“Free Worms!” with D. Causey and A. Kemp
“Free Worms and Other Out-of-Body Experiences in Alaska,” with M. McHale, Z. Barnard and E. Weaver, Brains and Brews, The Deep End, Frostburg, November 2022.
“Disease Ecology and the Importance of Invertebrate Communities in Understanding Host Infection Dynamics and Conservation,” Appalachian Laboratory Endowed Lecture Series, May 2022.
Dr. Kate L. Sheehan and Sonja Barber, Biology
“Differences in Ectoparasite Communities of Larids From an Avian Botulism Outbreak,” poster presentation, Association of Southeastern Biologists, Winston-Salem, N.C., March 2023.
“Ectoparasite Community Assemblages of Larids From an Outbreak of Avian Botulism,” poster presentation, Pacific Seabirds Group, La Jolla, Calif., February 2023.
Dr. Kate L. Sheehan and Gavin M. Studds, Biology
“Impacts of Clostridium botulinum on Intestinal Parasite Communities of Seabirds,” with Z. Barnard, poster presentation, Undergraduate Research Symposium, FSU, May 2022.
Dr. Kristin Shimmin, English and Foreign Languages
“Changing the Emerging Perceptions of Professional Science: How the AAAS’ Founding Discourse Broke From the British Model in the Mid-19th-Century,” Rhetoric Society of America 20th Biennial Conference, Baltimore, May 2022.
Jaime A. Striplin, Nursing
“Striplin vs. Striplin: RaDonda Vaught on Trial: Ethic and Legal Considerations,” University of Maryland Respiratory Care Symposium – “Respiratory Care on the Cutting Edge,” Baltimore, March 2023.
Presented on ethics and professionalism at Conference by the Sea.
Clara R. Thiel, Biology
“The Significance of Small Parks for Preserving Rare Plant Populations and Maintaining Regional Biodiversity,” Annual Meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Winston-Salem, N.C., April 2023.
Dr. Kara Rogers Thomas, Sociology
Presented at Appalachian Studies Association meeting in West Virginia.
Dr. Jodi G. Welsch, Educational Professions
“The Ravages of the Reading Wars,” Brains and Brews, The Deep End, Frostburg, February 2023.
“Elevating the Role of Text in Literacy,” with Valerie Robnolt and Jennifer Powell, Association for Literacy Educators and Researchers, Denver, November 2022.
Dr. William A. Wetherholt, Geography
“Collaborative Corridors to Address OSM Underrepresentation,” Mapping USA Conference (virtual), November 2022.
Dr. Sheri A. Whalen, Communication
Made a presentation at the National Popular Culture and American Culture Association conference.
Dr. Gregory J. Wood, History
“Trials and Errors: Life and Labor at Maryland’s Model Penal Farm During the Great Depression,” Brains and Brews, The Deep End, Frostburg, Md., April 2023.
“How Employers Try to Shape Workers’ Politics: The Case of the Flint Sit-Down Strikes,” Joan Crawford Lecture Series, Garrett College, McHenry, Md., March 2023.
“‘We Object to Minority Rule’: Opposition to the Flint Sit-Down Strikes” (Zoom), Historical Society of Michigan, Lansing, Mich., February 2023.
“Pre-Employment Drug Testing and the Rights of Employees,” Society for Human Resource Management, FSU, November 2022.
“Anti-Union Workers Versus the Sit-Downs: Labor Unrest and Conservative Resurgence in the Heart of the Great Depression,” West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas.
Dr. Joseph S. Yungen, Music
Lecture on Paul Hindemith’s Sonata for Trombone and Piano, International Virtual Trombone Forum, September 2022.
Dr. Xinliang Zheng, Computer Science and Information Technology
“Simplified Decision Model for Free VPN Services Selection in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” with Jonathan Fitzgerald, Matthew Green and Jack Bluebaugh, CCSCE Conference.

Workshops, Discussions Led

Dr. Amy Branam Armiento, English and Foreign Languages
“Poe and Writers Today,” Friends of the Frostburg Library, Frostburg Library, October 2022.
Dr. Shoshana R. Brassfield, Philosophy
“Questioning the Overturning of Roe v. Wade,” Philosophical Forum, FSU, October 2022.
Andy Duncan, English and Foreign Languages
Two-hour virtual Q&A with Dr. Audrey Taylor’s creative-writing class, Sul Ross State University Lecture Series, Rio Grande College, Eagle Pass, Texas, October 2022.
Dr. Jodi L. Eirich, Educational Professions
“Socratic Seminar: A Tool for Discussing Anti-Racist Teaching,” NAPDS National Conference, Jacksonville, Fla., March 2023.
Pete D. Herzfeld, Visual Arts
“Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence – Challenges and Opportunities,” USM Faculty Town Hall, April 2023.
Dr. Cody M. Kent, Biology
“Structure of Avian Communities,” University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Appalachian Laboratory, Frostburg, December 2022.
Nicole A. Mattis, Theatre and Dance
“Healthy Voice: Powerful Teacher,” Children’s Literature Festival, FSU.
Dr. Benjamin N. Norris, Chemistry, Dr. Johnston N. Hegeman, Assistant Vice President and Registrar, Dr. Jeffrey L. McClellan, Management, and Dr. Katherine S. Kinsinger, Academic Advising and Retention
“Bridging Strategy and Structure to Achieve Success in Academic Advising” (preconference workshop), NACADA Annual Conference, Portland, Ore., October 2022.
Jaime A. Striplin, Nursing
“Self-Care: An Introduction to Mind-Body Medicine,” Blair Regional Nurse Practitioner Association, March 2023.
Dr. Rebekah T. Taylor, Biology
“Incorporating Immunology Into the Undergraduate Curriculum to Promote Interdisciplinary Science Education,” with S. Pandey and L.B. Justement, Immunology 2022, the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists, Portland, Ore., May 2022.
Dr. Rebekah T. Taylor and Dr. William L. Seddon, Biology
“Hack the Planet: Using CRISPR to Terraform Mars,” Summer STEM Camp, FSU, June 2022.
Dr. Artie Lee Travis, Vice President, Student Affairs
Workshop on Hate Bias and Policing, Maryland Commission on Civil Rights and the Western Maryland Advisory Committee, FSU, May 2023.
Dr. Ying Zheng, Computer Science and Information Technology
Collaborated with Beijing Jiaotong University to give online presentations and workshops for special topics regarding software engineer economics.