Shorter Publications

Articles or Excerpts

Dr. Jamil Abdo, Physics and Engineering
“Nanomaterials Modified Drilling Fluid for Improving Deep Drilling Conditions,” with M.D. Haneef, Journal of Energy Resources Technology, Vol. 144, Issue 7, July 2022.
Dr. Jamil Abdo and Spencer Hamblin, Physics and Engineering
“Effective Range Assessment of Lidar Imaging Systems for Autonomous Vehicles Under Adverse Weather Conditions With Stationary Vehicles,” with G. Chen, ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B: Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 8, Issue 3, September 2022.
Dr. Amy Branam Armiento, English and Foreign Languages
“Fifty Years of Women’s Scholarship on Poe,” with Travis Montgomery, in Poe and Women: Recognition and Revision, Dr. Amy Branam Armiento and Travis Montgomery, editors, Lehigh University Press, Bethlehem, Pa., 2023.
Dr. David B. Atenasio, Philosophy
“Philosophy and Crime,” in Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Mortimer Sellers and Stephan Kirste, editors, Springer, Berlin, June 2023.
Dr. Nooh A. Bany Muhammad, Computer Science and Information Technology
International Journal of Data and Network Science., Vol 6, No. 4, May 2022:
“Continuance Intention to Use Smartwatches: An Empirical Study,” with Ahmad Rabaa’i, Enas Al-Lozi, Qais Al-Hammouri, Ayman Abdalmajeed Alsmadi and Jassim Al-Gasawneh
“Theoretical Development and Empirical Validation,” with Ahmad Rabaa’i and Shereef Abu Almaati
Bradford E. Barkley, English and Foreign Languages
“Baptism, 1985” (flash fiction piece), South 85 Journal, Spring/Summer 2022.
Dr. D. Alan Bensley, Psychology
Skeptical Inquirer:
“Cognitive Style Differences in People Who Tend to Accept Unsubstantiated Claims,” with C.T. Watkins, forthcoming
“‘I Can’t Believe That You Believe That’: Identifying Unsubstantiated Claims,” Vol. 47, No. 1, pp. 53-56, January-February 2023
Dr. H. Skott Brill, Philosophy
“Sick and Healthy: Benatar on the Logic of Value,” in Contemporary Anti-Natalism, Thaddeus Metz, editor, Routledge, Oxfordshire, England, 2023.
Andy Duncan, English and Foreign Languages
“B Is for Belle, Who Fell Down the Well,” Journal of the Alleghenies, Vol. 58, 2022.
Dr. Sydney B. Duncan, English and Foreign Languages
“Sestina for Eleanor,” Dissections.
Dr. Jodi L. Eirich, Educational Professions
“Accelerating Teacher Effectiveness: The Power of Partnerships,” PDS Partners: Bridging Theory to Practice, May 2023.
Dr. Naomi C. Gades, English and Foreign Languages
The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning, Vol. 27, Article 14, 2022:
“Dear Search Applicant Committee”
Dr. Franklin P. Hughes and Dr. Karen L. Keller, Biology
“A Comparison of Student Preferences for Presentation Format in an Undergraduate Human Anatomy and Physiology Course Before and After the Pandemic,” HAPS Educator, Vol. 26, No. 3, pp. 12-20, 2022.
Dr. Cody M. Kent, Biology
U.S. Geological Survey data release, 2022:
“Predicted Avian Influenza Prevalence for Wild Waterfowl Species Across the Continental United States,” with D.J. Prosser and J.D. Sullivan,“Predicted H5 and H7 Subtype Avian Influenza Prevalence for Wild Waterfowl Species Across the Continental United States,” with S. Bevins, J.M. Mullinax, J.D. Sullivan and D.J. Prosser,“Weekly Estimates of the Risk of Avian Influenza Transmission From Wild Waterfowl to Domestic Poultry – Initial Phase Models,” with J.D. Sullivan and D.J. Prosser,“Weekly Relative Effective Waterfowl Populations Across the United States Based Upon Predicted Abundance and Viral Prevalence by Species – Initial Phase Models,” with J.D. Sullivan and D.J. Prosser, https://doi,org/10.5006/P9K22GN9
Dr. Gerald W. Kiel, Dr. Heather L. Hurst and Dr. Michael R. Williams, Educational Professions
“Engaging the Community Through a Consultancy-Based Group Practicum,” Impacting Education,, July 2023.
Gerard R. LaFemina, English and Foreign Languages
Published several poems/prose in poem publications (journals).
Dr. Thomas D. Lambert, Biology, Laxman M. Hedge, Mathematics, and Dr. Erica H. Kennedy, Psychology
“Influence of Resource Abundance on Echimyid Rodent Interactions,” with C.A. Krause and G.H. Adler, Neotropical Naturalist, Vol. 3, No. 6, 2022.
Dr. Hai Lan, Geography
Co-author, Two Peer-Reviewed Articles:
Annals of GIS
Vaccines (a spatiotemporal perspective on public opinions regarding the COVID-19 vaccines)
Dr. Haiyun Ma, History
“China’s Saudi-Iran Deal Only a Defensive Response to Western Security Challenges,” ThinkChina,, April 2023.
“China’s Afghanistan Policy: Frameworks and Practices,” Afghanistan Monitor, Amina Khan, editor, March 2023.
“Praising the Prophet Muhammad in Chinese, A New Translation and Analysis of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang’s ‘Ode to the Prophet,’” with Brendan Newlon, in Islam and New Directions in World Literature, Sara R. Bin Tyeer and Claire Gallien, editors, Edinburgh University Press, October 2022.
Dr. Suranjana Nabar-Bhaduri, Economics
“Capital Substitution,” in Dictionary of Ecological Economics, B.M. Haddad, B.D. Solomon and T. Ghilarducci, editors, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., Cheltenham, U.K., February 2023.
“Liquidity Preference,” in The Encyclopedia of Post-Keynesian Economics, Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi, editors, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., Cheltenham, U.K., February 2023.
Dr. Richard L. Raesly, Biology
“Life History Strategies of Stream Fishes Linked to Predictors of Hydrologic Stability,” with N.P. Hitt and A.P. Landsman, Ecology and Evolution, Vol. 12, Issue 5, May 2022.
“Population Dynamics of an Isolated Population of Blackbanded Sunfish, Enneacanthus chaetodon, in Eastern Maryland,” with J.F. Cessna, J.V. Kilian and S.M. Klein, Northeastern Naturalist, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 73-81, 2022.
Dr. Elesha L. Ruminski, Communication
“Strategic Resistance Through Communication Capital: Rapinoe’s Reframing of Women-Identified Athletes Through Mind-Body Performance for Social Change,” with Dr. Dorene Ciletti, Social Issues in Sport Communication: You Make the Call, February 2023.
Dr. Thomas L. Serfass, Biology
Mammal Trapping – Wildlife Management, Animal Welfare and International Standards, G. Proulx, editor, Alpha Wildlife Publications, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2022:
“Animal Welfare Issues Pertaining to the Trapping of Northern River Otters: A Review of the Best Management Practice,” pp. 23-48
“International Mammal Trapping Standards – Part I: Prerequisites,” with G. Proulx, B.L. Allen, M. Cattet, P. Feldstein, G. Iossa, P.D. Meeks and C. D. Soulsbury, pp. 233-258
“International Mammal Trapping Standards – Part II: Killing Trap Systems,” with G. Proulx, B.L. Allen, M. Cattet, P. Feldstein, G. Iossa, P.D. Meeks and C.D. Soulsbury, pp. 259-271
“International Mammal Trapping Standards – Part III: Restraining Traps,” with G. Proulx, B.L. Allen, M. Cattet, P. Feldstein, G. Iossa, P.D. Meeks and C. D. Soulsbury, pp. 273-287
Dr. Kate L. Sheehan, Biology
“Fate of Plastics in Cattle Digestive Systems,” with P. Lawson and B. Emerson, Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 205-214, doi:10.13031/jash.14991, 2022.
“Predicting Consistent Foraging Ecologies of Migrating Waterbirds: Using Stable Isotope and Parasite Measurements as Indicators of Landscape Use,” with B.D. Dorr, S. Clements, T. Christie, K. Hanson-Dorr, S.A. Rush and B. Davis, Ecological Indicators, S1470-160X(22)00509-109038, doi: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2022.109038, 2022.
Dr. Rebekah T. Taylor, Biology
“Expanding the Reach of Immunology With the Help of an Interdisciplinary Approach to a Faculty Community of Practice,” with L.B. Justement and S. Pandey, American Association of Immunologists Newsletter, pp. 30-32,, October 2022.
“Antigen and Immunogen: An Investigation Into the Heterogeneity of Immunology Terminology in Learning Resources,” with S. Pandey, H.A. Bruns, D.L.J. Condry, A.J. Kleinschmit, A. Lal, S. Sletten, R.L. Sparks-Thissen, T. Vanniasinkam, L.B. Justement and S.L. Elliott, Immunohorizons, Vol. 6, No. 5, pp. 312-323, May 2022.
Dr. Jodi G. Welsch and Dr. Kristine McGee, Educational Professions
“Journey Toward Justice: Preparing Teachers to be Critical Guides,” Literacy Today, Vol. 40, No. 3, pp. 26-28, 2023.
Dr. Sheri A. Whalen, Communication
Had an article accepted for publication in Teaching Communication (publication expected 2023).
Dr. Gregory J. Wood, History
“‘No Labor Dictators For Us’: Anti-Union Workers During the Flint Sit-Down Strikes,” Michigan Historical Review, Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 1-36, Spring 2023.

Book Reviews

Dr. Heather L. Hurst, Educational Professions
Organizational Theory for Equity and Diversity: Leading Integrated, Socially Just Education by Colleen Capper, Impacting Education: Journal on Transforming Professional Practice, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 58-60,, 2023.
Dr. Farhad B. Idris, English and Foreign languages
“Forays Into the Past,” Once More Into the Past by Dr. Fakrul Alam, The Daily Star (an international newspaper).
Dr. Karen L. Keller, Biology
Human Anatomy and Physiology, 3rd edition, by Erin Amerman, Pearson Higher Education.