Alumni Spotlight - Eric Manns, Jr. ’10

Nov 10, 2020 8:00 AM

eNews Alumni Spotlight highlights alumni who give back to Frostburg in some way – time, talent, treasure or any combination. This edition of eNews features the resident instructional leader (assistant principal) of Richard Wright Public Charter School Eric Manns, Jr. ’10.

Current City: Baltimore

Current Occupation: Resident Instructional Leader (Assistant Principal) of Richard Wright Public Charter Schools for Journalism and Media Arts

Why do you love FSU?

Frostburg is an amazing place. I was able to grow as a person and develop skills and relationships that I still have to this day. Although FSU was not my first choice, I am glad I came and graduated.

Why do you give back (time, talent and/or treasure) to FSU?

My parents always instilled in me the importance of being the change that you want to see. It's important to me to help develop the students who are currently on campus into becoming contributing members of society. Though I can't be on campus as much as I like, I find multiple ways to give back via financial support, mentoring students or my work on the Alumni Board.

What do you do for fun?

Read novels or the newspaper (yes, I still like the print version of the paper), play flag football, listen to music/podcasts and spend time with my niece and nephews.

Favorite TV show?

“The Sopranos”

Favorite band?

The Isley Brothers

What is your favorite memory of your time as a Frostburg student?

The great Snowpocalypse of 2010. A whole week off from school in my last semester.

What is a cause dear to your heart?

Public education

Tell us about a person or persons from FSU who had an impact on your life.

Bernard Wynder ’78/M’84: Bernie was an amazing person. From the first time my mother spoke with him on the phone when I was admitted until his passing, we remained extremely close. He supported me while on campus and also supported me after I graduated. He remained a loyal friend. He was an outstanding educator and mentor to many.

Dr. Dana Severance ’D15: Dana was just awesome. He never said a bad word about anyone and used his personality to motivate you to get the best from you. He pushed you to learn and used his work to build the whole student while living on campus. He was one of the best supervisors on campus.

Dr. John Lombardi: John always had a way of pushing you to see beyond just the textbook. He had high expectations for all of his students and made sure you worked hard to accomplish your goals. The Mass Communication Department has a true asset.

Favorite comfort food?

Homemade mac and cheese

Favorite vacation spot?

Jamaica or Mexico

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Criminal defense attorney or FBI agent