Alumni Spotlight

Dec 12, 2018 4:45 PM

eNews Alumni Spotlight highlights alumni who give back to Frostburg in some way – time, talent, treasure or any combination. This edition of eNews will feature Paul ’92 and Lisa Nelson ’94 Kumpar. 

Current City: Westminster, Md.

Current Occupation: Paul – Cincinnati Insurance Fraud Investigator; Lisa – Elementary Health teacher for Carroll County Public Schools.

Why do you love FSU?

Lisa: When I attended FSU, the college had a special culture. I don’t know if it was because of the way the campus is laid out, because of the relatively small population, the demographics or what. There was a strong sense of community. I loved that. Not only were students friendly to one another, but most of my professors were as well. Paul and I also love the mountains and we would spend time enjoying the outdoors. Now I love FSU because both of my sons (Paul, a junior, and first-year student Ryan) are having great experiences!

Paul: I really enjoyed the small school atmosphere in western Maryland. There were many things to do outside of the school environment. Hiking, fishing, four-wheeling, skiing and just enjoying a walk along the Savage River was enjoyable. And, of course, I can’t forget the football from ’90-’92. The bond that football creates is like nothing else.

Why do you give back (time, talent and/or treasure) to FSU?

Lisa: All of my experiences at Frostburg, the good and the bad, work together to contribute to who I am today. I met my husband at FSU, I have my job specifically because I had a degree from Frostburg (not many schools combine health education and physical education together), and I learned some pretty serious life lessons while there. The young men and women who are students at Frostburg now are growing into their future selves. I don’t have a lot to give, but if I can do anything to help contribute to a positive outcome for anyone, I think that is cool!

Paul: With two boys now attending FSU, it’s hard to find the extra to be able to contribute financially, but I try to support and encourage my sons and their friends as much as I can.

What do you do for fun?

Lisa: I love spending time with my best friend, Paul! We especially like to mountain bike. I like outdoorsy things like canoeing/kayaking, hiking with my dogs, cycling … and I like working out. One of my best girlfriends is also a Bobcat! We weren’t at FSU at the same time, but we have become great friends since then, and I like hanging out with her, too! We have some fun adventures together.

Paul: I like to work out, ride my mountain and motocross bikes for fun. Lisa and I enjoy the time we have to enjoy the outdoors while biking. In the fall I also spend time in the woods hunting whitetail deer with friends, family and my son Paul.

AND of course we both love attending every Bobcat football game!! (Son Paul is on the Bobcats defensive line.)

Tell us about a class or activity at FSU that has had a surprising effect on your life.

Paul: Economics class was the one that came to mind. It really puts the working world into perspective with how all the pieces fit together.

Favorite movie/music/band.

Lisa: I like to listen to a lot of music. Two of my favorites are Third Day and Mercy Me.

Paul: I am a fan of the Transformers movies. We’ve watched all of them together as a family.

What is your favorite memory of your time as a Frostburg student?

Lisa: That’s a tough one. I don’t have a favorite. Flashing through my mind I remember shenanigans with friends, Cheerleading road trips, AZD activities, making Dean’s List (I didn’t apply myself a lot in high school, but at FSU, something clicked and I figured out how to be a really good student), and working with Mrs. (Nancy) Crawley M’70 or Dr. (Robert) McFarland in the pool.

Paul: The success we had as football team in 1990. Didn’t make the playoffs, but I was able to play in an ECAC bowl game.

What is a cause dear to your heart?

Lisa: Health education. Well, sometimes I forget that teaching health is my job; it’s really more of my passion. I love that I have the opportunity to help kids develop the tools to make healthy choices in life. Mental health is a huge issue, and I hope I can have a positive impact on my students’ lives and help them avoid the myriad of problems related to mental and emotional illness.

Tell us about a person or persons from FSU who had an impact on your life.

Lisa: Tony Zaloga created a positive atmosphere in the training room and made me want to learn and do well. He developed great relationships with his students, athletes and trainers and was a good role model as a teacher. Nancy Crawley was my advisor, and she always made me feel important and capable. She still has an impact on my life today. I’m not sure how old she is now, but I want to be like her when I grow up. She inspires me!

Paul: Coach Paul Barnes, my offensive line coach, approached me near the weight room in the spring of 1990 and asked if I’d be interested in coming out to play football in the fall. I did, and it probably had the biggest impact on my years at Frostburg. I met my wife, Lisa, who was a cheerleader, and many of the friends I have to this day.

Favorite comfort food?

Lisa: I don’t really get emotional comfort from food, but there is something about a mug of hot chocolate that is cozy and nostalgic.

Paul: Hot chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon rolls just out of the oven.

Favorite vacation spot?

Both: Mountain biking in Crested Butte, Colo.

Who is your doppelganger (famous person you resemble)?

Paul: Kurt Warner, Hall of Fame QB

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Lisa: Counseling, an author or maybe a professional mascot (that would be so much fun!)

Paul: Own or work in a mountain bike, dirt bike shop or maybe an outdoor retail store. When I was younger, I often thought about being a hunting guide.