Alumni Spotlight - Tracey Comer Morris '94

May 7, 2024 10:00 AM

eNews Alumni Spotlight highlights alumni who give back to Frostburg in some way – time, talent, treasure or any combination. This edition of eNews features Tracey Comer Morris '94.

Current City: Towson, MD

Current Occupation: Executive Director for Talent Acquisition, Johns Hopkins University  

Why did you choose to attend Frostburg State University?

Frostburg is such a beautiful campus, and it was close to home (but not too close), so it was a perfect choice for continuing my education.

What is your favorite memory as a student?

My first FSU homecoming football game - my cousin, Heather, was a student as well and she took me to my first-ever Bobcat football game. It was so much fun, and I met so many awesome people!

tracey comer morris

Which faculty and/or staff member influenced you as a student?

Ralph Brewer - he was my advisor. He had such a no-nonsense approach and he taught one of my most favorite classes. 

What advice would you give to a student currently studying your major? 

My degree is in English, so my best advice would be, do not limit yourself when you consider career paths and opportunities. Nearly every role requires great written and verbal communication and a degree in English can be a springboard to so many different careers. I have friends who have landed in more traditional roles, like teaching, but others who are in medical sales, banking or became consultants with large firms.  

Why do you give back (time, talent and/or treasure) to FSU?                 

I would not be where I am without the lessons I learned at FSU, in and out of the classroom. It's important to support FSU so that other students will have the same opportunity I did.

Tell us about a class or activity at FSU that has had a surprising effect on your life.

My first semester at FSU one of my required courses was a speech class. Every time I have to get in front of a group to speak, I remember feedback that the professor gave me during that class. It still helps me to do a better job of public speaking.

What is a cause dear to your heart?

Any organization that supports cancer patients or research. My father died of cancer when I was 12 and I am a breast cancer survivor.

What do you do for fun?

I am a huge volleyball fanatic - watching, playing and coaching. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

What three words can you use to describe FSU?

Community. Friendship. Support.

morris family

Tracey with Ben and Jordan. 

tracey and noah

Tracey with Noah.