African American Studies Program

Welcome to the African American Studies Program at Frostburg State University. We encourage you to learn more about this program by browsing through our webpages. If you have further questions, please send an email to the program coordinator, Dr. James Saku.

The African American Studies Program allows students to explore and evaluate elements of world and U.S. cultures that are often overlooked. This program:

  • Gives students a deeper appreciation for the rich ethnic heritage that is part of the American mosaic

  • Provides insight into the complex relationships between African Americans and U.S. society

  • Addresses the collective experience of Africans of the diaspora, American slave descendants and anyone with black African heritage, who, despite slavery and colonialism, rose to impressive heights in all disciplines

  • Highlights the continuous struggle for cultural preservation

Student presents research at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium    Student presents research at a poster session for the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Students present research during a poster session at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Contact Information
Dr. James Saku, Program Coordinator
Office: Gunter Hall Room 232
Telephone: 301.687.4724

Frostburg State University
African American Studies Program
101 Braddock Road
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