Creating Social Media Posts

Our media-driven world is filled with content. Follow these guidelines so your social media isn't viewed as "junk mail" on users' newsfeeds.

  • Use everyday language. Social media isn't a conference presentation. It's casual. Use language that everyone can understand.
  • Give users a reason to get more information from your website, but make sure your website is ready for visitors first.
  • Be inclusive of all users making sure to follow federal ADA guidelines for accessibility.
  • Keep it coming. Create weekly posts.
  • Follow your competitors and observe when they get attention from users.
  • Show users how your program/event is different than your competitors.

Feature vs Benefit Model

Show your audience the benefit they receive from you.

"We don't just give out degrees, we give you a headstart."

"This isn't just a certificate, this is a resume boost."

"This isn't just a conference, this shows you're committed to staying relevant."