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General Parking Information

All vehicles on campus must be registered with the University Police and must display a valid permit.

Permits are issued as hang-tags.

Handicap spaces are designated in each parking lot and are specifically reserved for vehicles with permanent or temporary handicap license plates or special permits from a motor vehicle administration agency.

If you should receive a parking ticket and wish to appeal it, go to the forms, print the parking appeal form, complete, and return the form and ticket to the University Police Department.

Special parking arrangements for large groups are to contact

Lost or stolen parking permits should be reported to the University Police immediately. Replacement parking permit will be issued free of charge.

Persons whose vehicles become disabled should call University Police immediately. If the vehicle cannot be moved, a disabled vehicle notice will be placed on the dashboard to prevent a parking ticket from being issued.

Visitor Parking Information

Visitors may also obtain visitor passes free of charge from the visitor's host or at the University Police Headquarters.

Visitors may park in any unreserved, legal parking space except in the Annapolis Lot. Specially designated visitor spaces are found only in the Hitchins lot, and for Admissions guests, in Lower Pullen Lot.

Visitors ticketed for failing to register a vehicle or display a valid permit must send the violation notice to the University Police Headquarters within 15 days or else they are liable for the ticket.

Visitors are responsible for any other parking citations they may receive.

Student Parking Information

All students may park a motor vehicle in designated lots on campus, upon proper registration.

All vehicles on campus must be registered with the University Police and must display a valid permit.

There is no registration fee for students who reside on campus. Students who do not live on campus must pay a fee when they register their cars in the University and Student Billing Office. Permits are issued as hang-tags.

What to do if you receive a parking ticket on the Frostburg State University campus:

  • Administrative Appeal Form for Motor Vehicle Regulation Violation Appeal form & ticket must be submitted to the University Police within (5) five business days from the date the ticket was issued.

  • District Court Hearing – Notify University Police within (5) five business days. A court appearance will be scheduled. District Court will notify you by mail.

  • Pay the ticket – Tickets paid with 24 hours from the date it was issued will be ½ off. Ticket payments are received in the University & Student Billing Office.

Parking Regulations

The University has instituted the following regulations to govern the parking, operation and use of vehicles on the Frostburg State University campus. They are designed to ensure the orderly and safe movement and parking of vehicles at FSU. All persons operating vehicles on campus are required to comply with these provisions.

Click below to view the parking regulation handbook.

Never Get Another Parking Ticket!

No one likes to get a parking ticket, and, in fact, the University Police would prefer not to give them. The complete text of the parking regulations follows, in my role as Chief of Police and as a non-voting member of the Parking Appeals Committee, I would like to offer these hints on how to avoid parking tickets:

  • Register to park. Even if you don’t park on campus regularly, the registration fee is less than the $50.00 fine for not registering.  Registration is free if you live in FSU Housing!

  • Feed the meter. If you park in a metered space, carefully note the hours of enforcement posted in the globe of each meter.  Yes, even visitors have to feed the meters.

  • Notify University Police if your car breaks down immediately!  You will be issued a disabled vehicle certificate.

  • You can’t make your own space.  You must park in a marked parking space.

  • If you work here or are registered for classes, you can’t be a visitor.  Don’t park in visitor parking or display a visitor permit.

  • You can’t declare yourself to be handicapped.  It takes authorization from the Motor Vehicle Administration.

  • Food Service never stops.  The Chesapeake Lot is enforced at all times.

  • Students can only park in black permit lots; faculty and Staff can only park in red permit lots.Rise and Shine.  Ticketing begins in the Annapolis Lot promptly at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.

  • Your car isn’t a State Vehicle:  You can’t park your own car in a state vehicle space, even if you are on University business.

  • Loading zones are for commercial or state vehicles.  To park a private vehicle at a loading zone requires a special permit from the University Police.

  • Save gas and time. The Stadium Lot is almost never full.  Don’t spend gas and time cruising other lots for a space that is only a few yards or a couple of minute’s closer.

If you follow these hints, you will avoid the most common parking problems and hopefully not receive a parking ticket.  If you do receive a ticket, you should be aware of these additional Business Office procedures:

  • The parking ticket itself is your bill. Maryland registrants will not receive another bill.
  • Each parking ticket that remains unpaid after 30 days will be assessed a $30.00 late payment fee.

Best wishes for trouble free parking,

Cynthia R. Smith, Chief

Police Department Sheild