Center for Regional Engagement and Economic Development (CREED)

We strive to contribute to regional economic development by promoting interactions between regional stakeholders and the faculty and students of the College of Business, Engineering, and Computational & Mathematical Sciences.

We will fulfill our mission as follows: 

Identification and Communication of Community Needs

  • Through surveys, dialogues with relevant parties, and research, identify how the College can make a difference to the regional economy and set up plans to deepen its level of engagement.
  • Present the findings and plans to the College and University community periodically.
Provision of Interface between Local and Regional Businesses and the College
  • Build relationships with various entities working on regional economic development to get information and identify partnering opportunities.
  • Promote the Center through traditional and social media to connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Provide opportunities for students to become acquainted with and learn from local businesses.
  • Match faculty expertise to address specific training, skills-building, or other organizational needs.
  • Match expertise embedded in the local community with pedagogical and research needs of the College.
Organization of Community-Relevant Events
  • Plan and organize events that promote the cause of the Center. 
  • Explore opportunities to partner with other organizations to plan and organize periodic conferences to address specific business issues and trends relevant to the region.
For more information on CREED initiatives, please contact:

suzanne mccoskey

Suzanne K. McCoskey, Director

Phone: 301-687-4897