CoB Hosts Etiquette Dinner

Apr 27, 2022 12:00 AM

First Etiquette Dinner

Wednesday, April 27, marked the day when the College of Business hosted its first Etiquette Dinner in the GIRA/CCIT 397 Meeting Room on campus for students in the MGMT 310 Career and Professional Development II course. This event was jointly co-sponsored in its entirety by Mr. Jim Ketterman, a 1990 graduate of the Bachelor’s program in Business Administration (Marketing) at FSU, currently serving as the Chief of Retirement at the US Office of Personnel Management in Washington, DC, and the College of Business Advisory Board. 

Planning for the event garnered exceptional excitement with active contributions from a variety of individuals that included: Ms. Lynn Ketterman, Director of Development with the University Advancement Division, Dr. Ryan Kentrus and alumni-leaders from the Student Business Leadership Council (SBLC), Ms. Heidi Shadel, course instructor, Dr. Mike Monahan, Chair of the Department of Management and emcee for the event, Ms. Stacey Utley-Bernhardt, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean, members of the FSU Alumni Board, among many others. 

With a broad-reaching impact touching 38 participating students, this event educated students to the art of formal dining in business settings across a five-course meal. Making appropriate menu selections, the power of networking, purposeful conversation that includes active listening, authentic connection, and ultimately developing comfort both with oneself and around others in both structured and unstructured settings were some of the themes covered by the facilitator, Kenton Foor.  

Business Etiquette Dinner

Of particular note is the vision and energy of our incredible alumni, members of the SBLC, who came together to both vision and lead in hosting this event.Many traveled great distances to be on campus and contributed to a memorable experience for our students. 

Feedback on the event from participating students was overwhelmingly positive, and the consensus was that this training was both educationally purposeful and enjoyable, and should become a permanent, unifying element of the educational experience of students in the College of Business. Based on the feedback, the  College plans to move forward with full intentionality to hold one event per semester, so that it can serve as a signature, “finishing” experience for all its students.

We are most grateful for the generous support from our sponsors. Co-sponsor, Mr. Jim Ketterman, is pictured below.

Co-sponsor, Mr. Jim Ketterman