Marketing Club: Engagement 2022

Mar 12, 2022 12:00 AM


The FSU Marketing Club has been striving to return to normalcy through several meaningful engagement activities over the Spring 2022 semester with some of the worst effects of COVID-19 receding. Student membership of the club kept growing despite the disruptions imposed by the pandemic, with club members actively engaged in learning current marketing practices in the business world, gaining hands-on experience, and bringing back what they learned to share with a large number of students on campus. 

American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference

In March 2022, 12 club students and their advisor, Dr. Lilly Ye, undertook a 5-day professional visit to Chicago, IL. Students attended the American Marketing Association (AMA) International Collegiate Conference,  the largest premium conference for students in the field. They participated in several talks, workshops, special events, and on-on-on-training. 

FSU Marketing Students at American Marketing Association International event in Chicago, IL.Students also had the opportunity to experience a digital marketing bootcamp, talk sessions with CEOs and top executives from leading companies (TikTok, IW Group, and the like), community and social impact leadership sessions, one-on-one interview training, and many other events designed for students to prepare their transition from college to corporate America. The conference provided students with a gateway to a world of insight and knowledge that would otherwise take them years of trial-and-error experience to gather. Outside of the conference, students toured some fun places in Chicago together, which helped build strong bonds among them. Students enjoyed this meaningful and engaging learning opportunity thoroughly, and the trip inspired many students to better engage with and try to make a difference in their surrounding communities.


Experience Speaks Campus Event

After the AMA International Collegiate Conference, the Marketing Club students hosted a campus event to share what they learned at the conference. The event was well attended by more than 80 students and faculty. The presentation inspired many students to engage in more activities and build connections to become active learners in our ever-changing world. The event also featured Dr. Alan Walker, Assistant to the President at FSU. Dr. Walker is a visionary leader in higher education and served as a college president for 12 years. Dr. Walker shared his experience on university marketing via an interactive game. One attendee noted, “Networking is a part of the business world, and I enjoyed the activity that Dr. Walker put together for us. I thought that it was innovative and enjoyable. Some of the questions were tricky and really needed a full context of the situation presented to be assessed for the best solution, which made it very informative and engaging. Overall, I think this was one of the best events I have been to since coming to Frostburg State. It was very well organized, informative, and fun.”

Student Reflections on the Marketing Club:

Frostburg State University's Marketing Club has drastically benefited several aspects of my college career. During Spring of 2022, and with the help of our dedicated faculty advisor Dr. Lilly Ye, we partook in a once-in-a-lifetime international marketing conference in the Windy City of Chicago. Through activities like this, I have honed skills such as networking and public speaking, which will, no doubt, benefit my future inclinations. Above all, our shared marketing passion has provided me with friendships that will surely last a lifetime.  - Carson Lawrence, Sophomore

Joining the FSU Marketing Club has been one of the most influential experiences I have had in college. I have created lifelong friendships with fellow club members and my opportunities for networking have quadrupled since joining the club. These opportunities are amplified through trips to AMA conferences that are attended by thousands of likeminded students in cities like New York and Chicago.  - Lydia Deneen, Junior

Joining the Marketing Club at Frostburg has been the one of the greatest decisions I’ve made. The relationships and opportunities that have been presented are something that I never would have anticipated. Marketing Club has helped me grow tremendously, both on a personal and professional level. I am forever grateful for the club and can’t wait to see what the future holds. -   Onaopemipo D Baiyeshea, Senior