MGMT 356 Class Beautifies the 'Burg

May 7, 2023 12:00 AM

In MGMT 356, Leadership and Power in Global Organizations, students perform community service projects which allows them to incorporate theories with practice.  Some students from Dr. Monahan’s class chose to volunteer at Beautify the Burg, an annual community event with broad based participation from FSU, primary schools, and community organizations. The City benefits by getting a spring cleaning make-over and students, not native to Frostburg, show their pride for their adopted home.

Students, Liam Johnstone, Haley Unger, Kendra Rabo, and Lorenzo Wilson, and Faculty Instructor Dr. Mike Monahan, at annual "Beautify the 'Burg" event

Pictured L-R are Liam Johnstone, Haley Unger, Kendra Rabo, Dr. Mike Monahan, and Lorenzo Wilson