CBECMS Student Engagement Committee Hosts Speakers Summit

Nov 10, 2023 12:00 AM

On November 8-9, 2023, seven speakers from various industries came to FSU to speak to select classes within the CBECMS. Six of the seven speakers are alumni and each speaker was assigned a faculty and student liaison to assist with coordination. Student liaison's were also able to use the experiences as developmental opportunities to engage with a successful business professional. All told, these speakers attended 15 separate classes and one student club held by the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  

Speakers, select students, and faculty members of the Student Engagement Committee (SEC) attended a social cocktail hour at the Historic Hotel Gunter followed by a dinner in the Speakeasy of the Hotel Gunter on Wednesday evening, November 8.  In addition, speakers attended breakfast with the Dean and Associate Dean at the Princess Restaurant on Thursday, November 9th.  FSU’s Advancement Office and, in particular, Lynn Ketterman, was heavily involved in the process, as well as alum, Ed Herold, who leads efforts for alumni engagement for FSU Advancement.  

Broadly, all stakeholders considered this event a wild success.  Feedback from students in the classroom was overwhelmingly positive.  Student liaisons and other student attendees of the social/cocktail hour unanimously remarked that the evening was “special” and “one of the best experiences” that they had at FSU.  Most of the speakers provided feedback that it was time well spent and, for some, it was their first time back at FSU in quite some time; it felt good for them to come back. 

Speakers included: Collin Smith '22 (MATH & CSIT) of Dave Wheatley Enterprises, Ryan Bugas of Dominion Energy, Dave Pishioneri (BUAD-HR, ECON Alum) of Amyx, Danielle Willets '07 (MBA) of Little Dog Social Media, CW Etzler '99 (ECON) of ManTech, Laura Breighner '06 (MBA) of Mason & Breighner PA, and Chip Fristch '08 (BUAD-MGMT) of Hotel Investor Apps. 

3 pictures - pic 1 Student Engagement Committee at the Historic Hotel Gunter. pic2 Speaker Ryan Bugas. pic3 Ryan Bugas and Dave Pishionari guest lecturers in Ethics class.

Top: The speakers, student liaisons, and members of the Student Engagement Committee at the Historic Hotel Gunter. Bottom Right: Ryan Bugas speaks in Dr. Evan Offstein's HR class. Bottom Left: Ryan Bugas and Dave Pishionari guest lecture for Dr. Evan Offstein's Ethics class.