Dogtown Celebration at Flintstone

Mar 18, 2024 2:17 PM

Group photo. CLC staff with dog friends at DOGTOWN celebration.


On March 13, 2024 the Children’s Literature Centre staff joined in on a literacy celebration at our Adopt-A-School, Flintstone Elementary!

Flintstone Elementary participates in a program called “One Book One School”, where a book is chosen and read across all grade levels of the school; the book chosen this year was “Dogtown" by Katherine Applegate and Gennifer Choldenko; illustrated by Wallace West. Yesterday was the celebration of finishing the book! The CLC team was lucky enough to be invited to read a few chapters to students at Flintstone a few weeks ago and were even more lucky to get to join in on the fun last night!

The Dogtown celebration event served over 100 Flintstone Elementary students and their families. The students had various Dogtown themed activities and games such as: ball toss, coin toss, hide and seek for bones to solve a quote from the book, voting on their favorite dog project to raise money for the shelter, stuffed dogs for kids to adopt, and they even had The Ark of Hope there with dogs who are up for adoption as well as pictures of dogs & cats waiting to be adopted.

The school media specialist, Angie Fentress, is a long time CLC supporter as well as a former Graduate Assistant. Each spring Angie returns to FSU to help at the Children’s Literature Festival. She is a member of the CLC alumni directors’ staff (DRACC). Angie was the facilitator of the One Book One School program as well as the planner of the Dogtown event. Angie will be a PDW speaker at our Spring Festival 2024 sharing her knowledge and experience with One Book One School! Come to the festival to meet Angie!

We love Angie, we love Flintstone, and we love sharing the love of literacy!!

"Your heart is a muscle. It grows stronger the more you use it." – Dogtown