FSU Students Present at the 23rd Annual Deans’ Student Colloquium

Apr 22, 2024 2:17 PM



Frostburg State University’s Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Michael Mathias, and Dean of the College of Education and Health & Natural Sciences, Dr. Boyce Williams, recently hosted the 23rd Annual Deans’ Student Colloquium and dinner.

Students were nominated by faculty in their respective colleges to participate in the colloquium based on their involvement in unique and interesting projects. The event provided participants the opportunity to discuss their work with their peers in an informal setting, promoting interdisciplinary understanding and opening the door for potential future collaboration and blended ideas.

“These highly engaged students have distinguished themselves through their research, creativity and community service activities,” said Mathias. “Dean Williams and I take great pride in the achievements.”

The twelve students who showcased their work at the colloquium were as follows: MacKenzie Freeze (biology and health science) and Seyanna Rodney (biology) Genetic profiling of Cannabis sativa using microsatellites to elucidate differences between fiber and CBD varieties; Ayden Roberts (chemistry) Evaluation of Deep Eutetic Solvent in Microwave Assisted Aldol Reactions; Rebecca West (early childhood/elementary education) Forget-Me-Not: Erasing the Stigma about Alzheimer’s Awareness, One Memory at a Time; Devin Lissau (health science) Bacteriological Analysis and Antibiotic Sensitivity of Bacteria Isolated from Farmer’s Market Fruit and Vegetables; Lily Johnson (psychology) Effect of Conspecific and Predator Surveillance on Eastern Grey Squirrels (Sciurus carolinesis) Caching Behavior; Faith Myers (psychology) Professor-Student Rapport: Exploring Variance based on Gender Identification; Tranell Clanton (social work) and Yanni Sturdivant (social work) Local Food Promotion Program; Sydney Martinez (theatre) Page to Stage: Dance as Storytelling in Nate the GreatPeyton Carroll (visual arts) and Skylar Ellsworth (visual arts) FSU Department of Creative Services.

Several FSU students were nominated to participate in the colloquium but were unable to attend the event: Mary Wolodkin (English) How the Titular Character in William Dean Howell’s “Editha” Grasps Agency; Kathleen Masser (liberal studies) Special Education at Middletown Primary; Jordan Patrick (kinesiology/athletic training) and Taylor Patrick (kinesiology/athletic training) Anaerobic Capacity and Lower Body Strength Deficits Related to Thermal Protective Gear in Rural Volunteer Firefighters; Dylan Spano (physics) Measuring Eddy Current Heat Dissipation; and Emilie Bonhivert (visual arts) Logo and Corporate Identity for FSU Biology Departments.