2023 CPED Convening

Nov 3, 2023 2:17 PM

Presentation title page - Engaging the Community Through aConsultancy-Based Group Practicum


On October 12, 2023, Dr. Gerald Kiel and Dr. Michael Williams, along with current FSU doctoral students Stacey Williams, Ashley Cudmore, and Elaine Rudder, presented at the 2023 CPED Convening. Their topic was "Learning to Honor Diverse Perspectives in Solving Problems of Practice through a Signature Pedagogy of Diverse Collaborative Cohorts.”  Dr. Seniz Celimli-Aksoy , Dr. Michael WIlliams, and Dr. Gerald Kiel also presented another session at the CPED Convening entitled "Critical Research Methods Curriculum for Social Justice Oriented and Equitable Research in Ed.D. Programs.  Both sessions were very well received.

Last year, Dr. Kiel, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Hurst's well-received presentation at CPED resulted in a published article entitled “Engaging the Community Through a Consultancy-Based Group Practicum." According to Dr. Kiel, "When you present, your hope is that it is meaningful to others. The number of questions and enthusiasm resulting from the presentation demonstrated that others were interested in learning more about our Practicum experience in general and was the stimulus for the subsequent article.” The Ed.D. faculty reimagined and redesigned the doctoral practicum experience in 2020 and it has proven to be a great field-based learning opportunity for the students, who work in small groups to solve complex problems of practice for community partners. 

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Dr. Gerald W. Kiel, Dr. Heather L. Hurst and Dr. Michael R. Williams, Educational Professions 

Engaging the Community Through a Consultancy-Based Group Practicum,” Impacting Education, https://impactinged.pitt.edu/ojs/ImpactingEd/article/view/354/372 July 2023.