Certification Processing

Eligibility for Teacher Certification in Maryland

For eligibility for certification, candidates must complete the approved program requirements, university graduation requirements, and Praxis testing requirements. Passing Praxis II, demonstrating the knowledge and skills of a specialized content area at the Maryland State Department of Education prescribed score, represents one qualification for gaining teacher certification.

Candidates may apply for a certificate of eligibility directly to the Maryland State Department of Education.

Eligibility for Teacher certification in Other States

If candidates wish to gain a teaching license in a state other than Maryland, candidates need to check the certification requirements in the state(s) for the program in which they wish to teach, including the passing standard for Praxis in that state. Having a Maryland certificate of eligibility may prove helpful in the out-of state certification effort. The out-of-state certification forms should be sent to the College of Education and Health & Natural Sciences Dean's Office to be completed.


Criminal Background Information: Some states' laws require a criminal background check and may disqualify an individual from obtaining licensure if the individual has been convicted of certain crimes. If you have a criminal background, please check with the appropriate state licensing board where you wish to work for more information.