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Undergraduate Programs

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The department also offers approved teacher education programs leading to eligibility for certification in

The courses of study to be followed in academic content areas for the Secondary and P-12 programs are established by the individual departments.

There is also a major in


Candidates must apply to and be accepted by the University.  Online application (Phase 1) to the undergraduate teacher education programs is found on the main webpage for the College of Education.

Program Exit Requirements

In addition to successful completion of coursework and internships in each program, candidates must fulfill the following requirements: Successful presentation of a culminating portfolio that meets institutional, Maryland state, and national standards.

Verification of taking PRAXIS II content knowledge and pedagogy tests required by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Program Advisory Council

All initial certification programs use the Professional Development Schools Council as their advisory group. The council meets twice yearly with the goal of monitoring program quality and strengthening collaboration between the university and public schools.