Keith Terry, Ph.D.
Keith Terry, Ph.D.

ASST. DEAN/College of Arts, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Office: Comptom 247
Telephone: 301.687.7020
Email: keterry@frostburg.edu

Keith Terry began his career in a tenure-track position at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 1987 as an instructor. He later took a leave of absence from there to pursue coursework for a Ph.D. at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Two years later, he returned to the Plains, finished his degree and in 1992 became the chairperson of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, where he worked. He was eventually tenured and promoted through the ranks to full professor. Terry continued as a department-level administrator there until 2004 when he chose to return to full-time teaching to develop book projects he had been planning. After finishing three of those, he left UNK in 2013 to become the chairperson in the Department of Communication, Media and Languages at Morehead State University in Kentucky. Four productive years later as a tenured full-professor, he left MSU to enter the for-profit world but soon found that he missed stimulating conversations and challenging projects. In 2019, he was hired as the chairperson of the Department of Communication at Frostburg State University. In March of 2021, he became the assistant dean in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. He is temporarily also serving as the chairperson in the FSU Department of Educational Professions.

"Unlike the "Most Interesting Man in the World" who was featured in Dos Equis ads, Keith Terry is the polar opposite. He possesses a Type A personality, has a tendency to follow a regular routine each day and is supervised at home by an adopted housecat. When not on campus, he spends a great deal of time and energy on home improvement projects, hiking and cycling. He enjoys backpacking abroad to refresh his mind and broaden his knowledge of the world.

Curt Baker Assistant Professor

Curt Baker
Assistant Professor
Faculty, M.Ed. Educational
Leadership Coordinator

Office: EHSC 453
Telephone: 301.687.4374
Email: cdbaker@frostburg.edu

Jenny Bishoff Assistant Professor

Jenny Bishoff
Associate Professor

Faculty, MAT Secondary
Coordinator, Secondary/P-12 Coordinator

Office: EHSC 457
Telephone: 301.687.3169
Email: jlbishoff@frostburg.edu

Fannia L. Boayue Associate Professor

Fannia L. Boayue
Associate Professor
Faculty, Early Childhood

Office: EHSC 459
Telephone: 301.687.4220
Email: fboayue@frostburg.edu

Dr. Nicole Bosley Associate Professor

Dr. Nicole Bosley
Associate Professor
Faculty, HPED Coordinator

Office: 276 Cordts PE Center
Telephone: 301.687.4469
Email: nlbosley@frostburg.edu

Seniz Celimli-Aksoy Assistant Professor

Seniz Celimli-Aksoy
Assistant Professor

Office: EHSC 460
Telephone: 301.687.4366
Email: scelimliaksoy@frostburg.edu

Christina Durham -  Letcurer

Christina Durham
Office: EHSC 462
Telephone: 301.687.4362
Email: cmdurham@frostburg.edu

Jodi Eirich Associate Professor

Jodi Eirich
Associate Professor


Office: EHSC 467
Telephone: 301.687.4218
Email: jleirich@frostburg.edu

Jenna Epstein Assistant Professor

Jenna Epstein
Assistant Professor

Faculty, M.Ed. School Counseling

Office: EHSC 464
Telephone: 301.687.4422
Email: jlepstein@frostburg.edu

Dr. Rebecca Gallagher Assistant Professor

Dr. Rebecca Gallagher
Associate Professor

Office: 277 Cordts PE Center
Telephone: 301.687.7401
Email: rgallagher@frostburg.edu

Heather Hoffert, Assistant Professor Faculty, ELED/Special Ed Coordinator

Heather Hoffert
Assistant Professor
Faculty, ELED/Special Ed Coordinator

Office: EHSC 460
Telephone: 301.687.4757
Email: hlhoffert@frostburg.edu

Jerry Kiel Lecturer

Jerry Kiel

Office: EHSC
Telephone: 301.687.4432
Email: gwkiel@frostburg.edu

Janet Mattern Associate Professor

Janet Mattern
Associate Professor
Faculty, CAEP Coordinator,

Office: EHSC 473
Telephone: 301.687.4429
Email: jamattern@frostburg.edu

Kristine McGee Associate Professor

Kristine McGee
Associate Professor

Faculty, MAT Elementary
Coordinator, M.Ed. Literacy
Instruction Coordinator

Office: 309 USMH
Telephone: 240.527.2730
Email: kmcgee@frostburg.edu


Maxine Miller
Faculty, PDS/Field Experience

Office: EHSC 474
Telephone: 301.687.4431
Email: mkmiller@frostburg.edu

Emily K. Milleson Associate Professor

Emily K. Milleson
Associate Professor

Office: EHSC 428
Telephone: 301.687.4352
Email: ekmilleson@frostburg.edu


Sarah O'Neal
Associate Professor

Faculty, Children's Literature Centre

Office: EHSC 221
Telephone: 301.687.4303
Email: smoneal@frostburg.edu

Jennifer E. Rankin Associate Professor

Jennifer E. Rankin
Associate Professor

Office: EHSC 424
Telephone: 301.687.7010
Email: jerankin@frostburg.edu

Dr. Lisa Simpson Assistant Professor

Dr. Doris Santamaria-Makang
Associate Professor

Office: EHSC 423
Telephone: 301.687.7018
Email: dsantamariamakang@frostburg.edu

Dr. Lisa Simpson Assistant Professor

Dr. Lisa Simpson
Assistant Professor

Office: EHSC 444
Telephone: 301.687.4473
Email: llsimpson@frostburg.edu

Jamelyn Tobery-Nystrom Associate Professor

Jamelyn Tobery-Nystrom
Associate Professor

Faculty, M.Ed. C&I and Interdisciplinary Coordinator, Interim Ed.D. Program Director
Office: 306 USMH
Telephone: 240.527.2735
Email: jctoberynystrom@frostburg.edu

Jodi G. Welsch Professor

Jodi G. Welsch


Office: EHSC 422
Telephone: 301.687.3096
Email: jwelsch@frostburg.edu

Michael Williams

Michael Williams
Assistant Professor

Office: EHSC 440
Telephone: 240.527.4448
Email: mrwilliams@frostburg.edu

Dr. Tracey Karlie photo

Dr. Tracey Karlie

Email: takarlie@frostburg.edu