Statement on Anti-Racism and Action Plan

Dear Frostburg State University Students, 

The members of the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Frostburg State University wish to voice support for protesters standing up against the murder of unarmed Black citizens by police. Unequivocally: Black Lives Matter. 

While public statements against racist police violence are not without merit, we commit to taking the following concrete, anti-racist actions to extend our efforts beyond proclamations. As a predominantly white department in a diverse institution, we recognize the need to be more conscious of our biases that have been shaped by white privilege and affected by academic training. Consider our list a starting point, a new beginning, to be revised based on feedback we receive from current and former Black students and students of color who wish to hold us more accountable. We welcome such dialogue and will listen unconditionally.

  • Center Black writers, researchers, journalists, scientists, poets, and filmmakers in our curriculum, including general education writing courses
    • Learn how to select, frame, and present Black writers appropriately
    • Work toward making an African American literature and rhetoric course part of the core curriculum
  • Hire faculty of color in order to reflect the diversity of Frostburg State University’s student population
  • Take proactive steps to retain faculty of color once hired
    • Ensure that faculty of color are not asked to serve disproportionately on our committees
    • Provide mentors
    • Be clear about tenure and promotion policies
    • Provide clear annual feedback
  • Challenge racist and discriminatory decisions made by the institution
  • Participate in a faculty learning community on race and writing pedagogy facilitated by Black leaders of diversity, equity, and inclusion and members of our department, and commit to making anti-racist pedagogical changes based on our learning
  • Meet with English and Foreign Languages student focus groups once a semester to receive and respond to student concerns
  • Create yearly reports on department anti-racist action plan progress, addressed to students and department alumni and submitted on our website and social media.

Racist comments and actions committed by faculty and/or students will not be tolerated within the classrooms or walls of the Department of English & Foreign Languages.

Please send questions, comments, and concerns to:

John Raucci, Associate Professor of English and Foreign Languages
Dunkle 301B

Amy Branam Armiento, Professor of English
Dunkle Hall 315C

Robin Wynder, Director of the Center for Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Hitchins 116


Frostburg State University is a vibrant community of scholars and educators. To ensure our values as an institution are promoted, students, faculty, and staff are asked to adhere to a set of community standards.

Should an individual observe behavior that is counter to our values, we ask that they please report the conduct to the most appropriate department using one of the referral forms. If you have questions or concerns about which referral form is most appropriate, please contact Carl Crowe, Dean of Students, in the Office of Student Affairs at 301.687.4311.


Accountability Reports

2020-2021 Report