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International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Frostburg State University is a member of a world-wide consortium of universities that cooperate in the exchange of students from any discipline. Students pay tuition, room and board at their home institution but attend a foreign university of their choice. There are 140 member universities, in 41 countries and in all continents, where a Frostburg State University student may attend.

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) has arranged for the exchange of students from France, England, Spain, Sweden, Kenya, Malta, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil and Canada to Frostburg State University, and Frostburg State University students in turn have gone to Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Columbia, Spain, Costa Rica, France, Argentina, Cameroon, and Tunisia. There are many other sites around the world where a Frostburg State University student may attend classes for a semester or a year.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

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For more information and application forms, contact:

Spanish & French
Dr. Maria Lusia Sanchez
Phone: 301.687.4104

Center for International Education
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