Secondary Teacher Education

Pair your degree with a stand-out teaching preparation

Frostburg State University offers a Secondary Teacher preparation program that you can pair with another academic major to get ready to teach in your favorite subject area. Students majoring in English, Foreign Language & Literature, Math, Social Studies and more can double their career prospects with a certification to teach in grades 7-12, opening up possibilities in both the field of their choice and in high schools across the state.

Frostburg’s teacher preparation programs feature active classes packed with real-world lessons and experiential opportunities for you to test your skills with students of your own, coupled with resources and mentors to get you on the road to success.

  • Add a professional teaching preparation to any approved academic major for 33 credit hours.
  • Excel in a teaching program recognized by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Education Highlights

  • Combine your studies in secondary education with an academic field that sparks your passion, like English, math, social science and more!
  • Impress your future employers with a portfolio showcasing your best lesson plans and teaching experiences from your time at FSU.
  • Complete your program at a university with a history and a reputation for training some of the best teachers in the state.
  • Enjoy great resources at FSU like the Frostburg Student Education Association and the Children’s Literature Centre, a program that connects your new teaching skills with children in the community.
  • Learn from the best in classes with a “study, observe, reflect” format, putting you in real classrooms with stand-out teachers whose experience and know-how will help you bring out your own talents.
  • Spend a semester in Limerick, Ireland! FSU offers a direct exchange program with Mary Immaculate College, which boasts strong education programs and allows you to pay FSU tuition while studying abroad.

About Our Education Faculty:

  • Thrive with talented education faculty while you deepen your content area knowledge with skilled professors from any department in the university!
  • Study with professors who have years of teaching experience in classrooms of all levels.

Sample Education Courses:

Foundations of Learning and Instruction – The learning and teaching process in the American educational system. Human growth and development of students birth-21, learning theories and styles, instructional strategies and adaptations. Controlled observations in educational settings.

Secondary Methods and Curriculum – Evolution of the philosophy of secondary education. Current curricula, planning, issues and instructional methodologies in all secondary teaching areas.

Career Analysis in Education – Analysis of education in America and the potential roles to be played both in schools and in the wider community. A preliminary self-assessment of how the students’ interests and abilities match the demands of the educational profession. Portfolio development. Observations with reflections.

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Career Outlook for Secondary Teachers

As with other teaching positions, job availability for secondary teachers will depend on a number of factors, largely the population in a given area and the government budget for public schools. Trained secondary school teachers who specialize in math, science, special education or English as a second language may have improved prospects, as high schools often have difficulty finding trained, quality teachers in these fields. For more information, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ pages on Middle and High School Teachers..

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