Faculty Research

Diversified responses of vegetation carbon uptake to urbanization: a national-scale analysis (2023)

by Xueliang Zhang, Dai Qiu, Yichun Xie, Jianguang Tu, Hai Lan, Xiaolei Li, Zongyao Sha, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 11.

[Book Chapter] ArcCI: A high-resolution aerial image management and processing platform for sea ice (2023)

by Dexuan Sha, Anusha Srirenganathan Malarvizhi, Hai Lan, Xin Miao, Hongie Xie, Daler Khamidov, Kevin Wang, Seren Smith, Katherine Howell, Chaowei Yang, in Recent Advancements in Geoinformatics and Data Science (The Geological Society of America).

Comparative Genomic and Molecular Characteristics of Bacteria in Frostburg, Maryland Soil (2023)

by Kumudini Apsara Munasinghe, Caley Donaldson, Bisrat Demissie, Andry Cantarero, Phillip Paul AllenInternational Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 8(3): 62-68.

Public Opinions on COVID-19 Vaccines: a Spatiotemporal Perspective on Races and Topics Using a Bayesian-based Method (2022)

by Zifu Wang, Yudi Chen, Yun Li, Devika Kakkar, Wendy Guan, Wenying Ji, Jacob Cain, Hai Lan, Dexuan Sha, Qian Liu, and Chaowei Yang, Vaccines 10(9): 1486.

GeogTeach Cover
Teaching critical cartography in the introductory classroom (2020)

by Robert Briwa and William Wetherholt.The Geography Teacher 17(4):162-168

French-language books in a minority setting: a report from rural Saskatchewan (2019)

by Richard A. Russo. Minorités linguistiques et société / Linguistic Minorities and Society 11: 52-73

Climate change in a differential equations
Climate change in a differential equations course: Using bifurcation diagrams to explore small changes with big effects (2019)

by Justin Dunmyre, Nicholas Fortune, Tianna Bogart, Chris Rasmussen, and Karen Keene. CODEE Journal 12(1): Article 1.

Amassing rural power in the fight against fracking
Amassing rural power in the fight against fracking in Maryland: a report from the field (2019)

by Kathleen H. Powell, Ann Bristow, and Francis L. Precht.
Journal of Community Practice 27(3):

Uncertainity in geomorphological responses
Uncertainity in geomorphological responses to climate change (2019)

by Stephan Harrison, Tim Mighall, David A. Stainforth, Phillip Allen, Mark Macklin, Edward Anderson, Jasper Knight, Dmitry Mauquoy, David Passmore, Brice Rea, Matteo Spagnolo, Sarah Shannon
Climatic Change 156(1-2): 69-86

[Book Chapter] Reading the Landscape in Antler, North Dakota: Repeat Photography in an Atrophying Northern Plains Town (2019)

by William A. Wetherholt and Gregory S. Vandberg.  In S.D. Brunn, R. Kehrein (eds.), Handbook of the Changing World Language Map. Springer, pp.1-23.


Journal of Appalachian Studies
Appalachian Cities at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century (2015)

by Richard A. Russo
Journal of Appalachian Studies 21(2): 157-172

Antarctic Science cover
Sediment transport dynamics on an ice-covered lake: the 'floating' boulders of Lake Hoare, Antarctica (2014)

by Phillip P. Allen, Richard Hewitt, Maciej K. Obryk and Peter T. Doran
Antarctic Science, September 2014: doi:10.1017/S0954102014000558.

SAGE open
EcoCount: A New Digital Approach to Environmental Data Recording (2014)

by Phillip P. Allen and Neil Sewell
SAGE Open, Apr/June 2014:1-5

Southeastern Geographer
Local Food Initiatives in Tobacco Transitions of the Southeastern United States (2012)

by Richard A. Russo
Southeastern Geographer, 52(1):55-69

Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries
Web-based GIS and the Future of Participatory GIS Applications within Local and Indigenous Communities (2009)

by Dr. Peter A.K. Kyem and Dr. James C. Saku
Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 38(7):1-16