The Faculty Senate is comprised of 27 elected faculty senators apportioned such that the Colleges of Business and Education shall have at least three senators each, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences shall have at least six senators, and the Library shall have at least one senator. At least two senators must be non-tenure-track faculty, including those with full- and part-time appointments. The remaining twelve seats are elected at large. The Faculty Senate has six ex officio members: the three Council of University System Faculty representatives from FSU, the Chair of the Graduate Council, the Chair of the Academic Department Chairs Council, and the Chair of the Faculty.

Faculty Senate Steering Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Travis English (CLAS, Visual Arts)
    Jacqueline Durst (COE, Kinesiology & Recreation)
    Daniel Filer (CLAS, Philosophy)
    Stefanie Hay, (CLAS, Nursing)
    Darrell Rushton (CLAS, Theatre & Dance)
    Joanna Shore (COB, Management)
    Gerald Snelson (CLAS, English & Foreign Languages and Literature)

Faculty Concerns Committee

  • Justin Dunmyre (CLAS, Mathematics)
    Shoshana Brassfield (CLAS, Philosophy)
    Skott Brill (CLAS, Philosophy)
    Jennifer Browne (CLAS, English & Foreign Languages and Literature)
    Jennifer Earles (CLAS, Sociology)
    Sean Henry (Library)
    Heather Hurst (COE, Educational Professions)
    Jamison Odone (CLAS, Visual Arts)
    Chelsea Schrader (COB, Accounting)

Graduate Council

  • Ali Ashraf (COB, Marketing & Finance)
    Richard Raesly (CLAS, Biology)
    In addition to the two Senators serving on the council, Graduate Council also has faculty representatives from the various graduate programs.

Institutional Priorities and Resources

  • Michael Flinn (CLAS, Computer Science & Information Technologies)
    Phillip Allen (CLAS, Geography)
    Diane Blankenship (COE, Kinesiology & Recreation)
    Erica Kennedy (CLAS, Psychology)
    Randall Lowe (Library)
    Brent Weber (CLAS, Music)
    William Wetherholt (CLAS, Geography)

Council of University System Representatives

  • Robert Kauffman (COE, Kinesiology & Recreation)
    John Lombardi (CLAS, Communication)
    Kelly Rock (CLAS, Nursing)