FSU Student Government Association

All students are represented by the two branches of the Student Government Association: the Executive Council and the Senate.

The SGA develops and administers student self-government policies, provides many services to students, communicates with faculty and administration and decides how the student activity fees will be spent.  Students from all undergraduate classes are encouraged to run for office in SGA and participate in shaping the future of the University.

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SGA Senators are elected in the Spring term for the following academic year.  The process begins in February of each year.  Each elected senator serves a one year term.  In order to run for election to the Senate, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and be a current, full-time student at Frostburg State University.  Candidates must have a petition form signed by 50 regularly enrolled undergraduate students in order to have their name placed on the ballot.

SafeRide Program

The SafeRide Program is a free service that offers safe transportation to the students of FSU during select hours.

Bobcat Passport Program

The Bobcat Passport Program provides support of co-curricular opportunities to undergraduate students as a complement to FSU’s strong traditional curriculum.  These opportunities are to help introduce students to culturally diverse thoughts, ideas, and expressions in order to help better prepare them to become engaged global citizens.  With this in mind, all applications should include an event that contributes to such diverse experiences.  Anyone sponsoring a University-wide event may apply to become a “Passport” event.  In order to apply, please read, complete, and submit the Bobcat Passport Program application.

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