Pupil Personnel Worker Certificate Post-Masters Program

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Become a student advocate.

As a Pupil Personnel Workers (PPW), you can provide a vital role in connecting schools and their communities. PPWs collaborate with school and community stakeholders to ensure students, and their families, have equitable access to resources that can uplift and support them through difficult times. This allows school counselors and educators to focus on social, emotional and academic success in the school setting.

In smaller school districts, this role is often completed concurrently by the school counselor; requiring that they become PPW certified. Individuals seeking PPW endorsement through MSDE will complete a transcript review process and a plan of study will be created based on the individual course needs of each student.  

Pupil Personnel Worker Program Highlights

  • Complete requirement through online coursework.

  • Coursework aligns with current COMAR regulations for PPW endorsement and allows students to complete these courses in one place - ensuring successful endorsement upon completion.

  • Supported by the Maryland Association for Pupil Personnel.

  • Learn from faculty who are existing PPWs in the field

What can I do with an working professional certificate?

As a PPW, you will be eligible for Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Endorsement as a PPW upon completion of the required coursework. School Counselors, or School Counseling students, as well as others who may qualify, may become endorsed in PPW during or following their current graduate study as well.

What You'll Learn

As a student in this program, you will learn about the complex lives of students and their families; how trauma and adversity play a part in emotional readiness to learn; and how the role of PPW is essential to the academic success of students and their family well-being.


Our Alumni

Job Titles

  • PPW


  •  Maryland State Department of Education

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