Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Use your knowledge of the human mind to build a thrilling future!

As one of the most popular majors on campus, the bachelor’s degree program in Psychology at Frostburg State is uniquely suited to bring you an engaging, experiential undergraduate career. Students dig into the fascinating and constantly changing study of how the mind works, from the ways culture influences it to how biochemistry embodies it.

FSU’s psychology program emphasizes active learning and a practical approach, forging interdisciplinary connections to solve problems in fields as varied as medicine and marketing. As a student, you’ll have opportunities to conduct research, attend conferences, work with animals and much more! Whether the mind is your passion or you’re looking to supplement another interest, your studies in psychology will give you a competitive edge and change the way you look at the world.

  • Study close to home! FSU’s psychology degree can be completed on the Frostburg campus or at the University System of Maryland – Hagerstown.
  • Build on your undergraduate psychology studies and take your degree even farther with FSU’s Master of Science program in Counseling Psychology, which can help you land a more advanced job or even start down the road to your own practice.

Psychology Highlights

  • Delve deeper into psychology with your friends and peers in the Psychology Club or Psi Chi National Honor Society.
  • Perform research with a faculty mentor or for your own independent studies, and take advantage of opportunities to build up your resume by presenting your work at regional conferences or FSU’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • Partner with the FSU Center for Children and Families, a research and service facility that promotes education, research and community service in child and family psychology.
  • Take on an optional internship experience in psychology as your capstone course to test your skills in the field and make yourself stand out as a graduate.

About Our Psychology Faculty:

  • Meet professors who are actively involved in their field beyond research, offering public services and hands-on opportunities for psychology students.
  • Learn in small classes with personable teachers who get to know you on an individual basis, helping you to not just excel in your program but also accomplish your own educational dreams.

Sample Psychology Courses:

Pharmacology of Chemical Dependence – Research and theory concerning psychoactive drugs. Various drug classifications, their biological, psychological and social effects on the human organism and the environment, especially alcohol and other frequently abused drugs.

Animal Learning and Cognition – Exploration of the cognitive abilities of nonhuman animals. Topics include classical and operant conditioning, memory, communication, social learning and primate cognition.

Child Development – Detailed review of the biological, cognitive and socio-emotional aspects of development, from conception through childhood.

Social Psychology – Theories, methods and applications of social psychology. A survey of the social and interpersonal factors influencing an individual’s behavior. Topics include attitudes, person perception, interpersonal relations, group dynamics, social roles and conformity.

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Career Outlook for Psychologists

Psychology graduates are entering a fast-growing profession, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics expecting 32,500 new jobs in the field between 2014 and 2024. While professional psychologists with their own practices need state licensure and typically a doctoral degree, those with a master’s degree can often find work as part of an organization. Bachelor’s degree holders can also commonly find work in sales, business administration or education. For more information, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ page on Psychologists.

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