Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Delve into the multi-dimensional study of human interaction.

Humanity is fascinating! From international diplomacy to casual meet-ups between friends, everything on Earth is influenced by how people think and act together. Sociologists engage with this powerful dynamic and try to understand it, why people do what they do and how each one affects society as a whole. By closely examining the comings and goings of their fellow humans, sociologists gain an understanding of the complex world around them and can help improve, change or simply share the marvels of social interaction.

Frostburg State University’s bachelor’s degree in Sociology can get you well on the way to your career as a sociologist, backed with experience and a portfolio full of your very own sociological studies. Situated within easy reach of both rural cultures and urban centers, Frostburg offers opportunities to engage in nearly any walk of life you choose! Check out how FSU’s small classes, actively involved professors and experiential emphasis are nurturing the social innovators of tomorrow.

  • Get involved in a highly experiential program that lets you learn by taking action.

Sociology Highlights

  • Make friends and meet peers in the student-run Sociology and Anthropology Association.
  • Take part in fun cultural events like the Appalachian Festival and Mountain City Traditional Arts’ many offerings. Frostburg is a hub of regional culture and social happenings, so there’s always plenty to get involved with!
  • Learn the art of establishing rapport, observing, interviewing and maintaining objectivity with hands-on assignments.
  • Travel around the region with courses that embrace out-of-the-classroom lessons! Students regularly work with community organizations and visit historically and culturally fascinating sites. Many even present their work at conferences like the Appalachian Regional Commission.
  • Enjoy a curriculum that takes the emphasis off test-based learning and instead focuses on experiential research projects where you get to pick the subject!

About Our Sociology Faculty:

  • Study with professors who are extremely active around the university and community, hosting special events and coordinating minors and internships.

Sample Sociology Courses:

Social Problems – Description and analysis of conditions that societies define and treat as social problems. Analysis of selected problems.

Statistics for Social Science – Study of social scientific applications of univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques with emphasis on their logic, interpretation and application.

Classical Sociological Theory – Survey of sociological thought since Comte and its relevance to modern sociology. Students construct their own sociological theories.

Seminar in Sociology – Advanced studies in selected topics. Individual study and research for class reports. Students will compose a formal sociological paper.

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Career Outlook for Sociologists

Professional sociology is a small but growing field, with a 15% increase in positions expected between 2012 and 2022. A sociology graduate’s tool kit is filled with highly desirable analysis and communication skills applicable in many disciplines. Any field that has a need to interface with a human element will have a use for a sociologist’s abilities, even if they are not working under the title “sociologist.” Possible positions include political analyst, demographer, survey researcher, statistician, sales and marketing, administration, management and teaching. For more information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ webpages on Sociologists and Community and Social Service Occupations, or check out the American Sociological Association.

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