Minor in Coaching 

Strengthen your college degree with this valued skill enhancement

Earning a minor in coaching is an excellent way to add extra value to a Frostburg State University bachelor’s degree in education or to any number of degree programs. In this age of stretching elementary and secondary school resources, a teacher candidate who is also able to coach is a valuable addition to the faculty, and often has an edge when applying for teaching positions. The FSU coaching minor blends coaching theory with practical hands-on experience to deliver a well-rounded coaching education.

  • Earn a coaching minor with just 21 credit hours.
  • Learn from experienced coaches who lead FSU’s successful sports teams.

Minor in Coaching Highlights:

  • Study not only sports but also the care and prevention of athletic injuries, resistance training, sports law and sports ethics.

  • Gain field experience coaching athletes.

  • Take part in select online courses, if desired.

  • Complete a capstone clinical experience in athletic training that prepares you for the challenges of coaching in an actual fitness or school setting.

  • Learn the art of coaching within FSU’s excellent athletic facilities, including the Harold J. Cordts Physical Education Center with three gyms, a swimming pool, weight rooms, racquetball courts, outdoor tennis courts and an all-weather track.

About Our Coaching Faculty:

  • Learn from faculty who are also highly experienced coaches in working with young athletes in a competitive intercollegiate sports program.

  • Be a part of small classes that provide extensive opportunities for hands-on learning and developing close mentoring relationships with faculty.

  • Study with professors who represent diverse sports, giving you a broad range of options for your coaching experience.

Sample Coaching Courses You May Take:

Rehabilitation Techniques in Sport Medicine – Explore various aspects of the rehabilitation process for the physically active or athletic population. The course covers goals, techniques, evaluation methods and specific rehabilitation programs.

Foundations of Resistance Training – Gain an introduction to resistance training program design. Emphasis is on proper exercise technique and functional progressions for a variety of body areas.

Physiology of Exercise – Focus on exercise and the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. Explore efficiency of muscular work, fatigue, age, sex and body type.

Find out more about Frostburg State University’s coaching minor requirements (PDF).

Career Outlook for Coaches:

Coaches equip athletes – both professional and amateur – with the skills needed to win in their sports. A minor in coaching from Frostburg State University equips graduates with excellent career skills to enhance a teaching credential or to become involved in a municipal recreational program. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates 15 percent career growth in coaching positions through 2022, which is faster growth than the average across all occupations. For more information, visit www.bls.gov/ooh/entertainment-and-sports/coaches-and-scouts.htm (U.S. Government Occupational Outlook Handbook - Coaches and Scouts).

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