Minor in Data Science

The interdisciplinary minor has all of the necessary concepts and skills to successfully apply data science and data analytics to your field of study. The minor incorporates multiple classes in other disciplines to create a holistic, interdisciplinary minor in Data Science.

What You Will Learn

For all paths in the minor, the introductory and intermediate data science and visualization courses, DTSC 201 and DTSC 301, cover the much-needed skills, concepts, and knowledge of machine learning, data-centric modeling and analysis, and data visualization.

Then, the high degree of flexibility in the minor allows for several classes from participating departments to work seamlessly with the minor. For example, in the electives, a Chemistry major would take a course selected by the Chemistry department that leverages Data.

Finally, the new interdisciplinary minor and classes align with the needs expressed by entities such as the Greater Washington Partnership's Digital Generalist and the Data Analytics Specialist credentials.

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Beyond the Classroom

In addition to coursework, you'll have a variety of ways to build your skill set and resume:

  • Take on an internship, if you choose, and test your skills in a real-world setting.
  • Compile your best programs and other projects from your time at Frostburg into a portfolio that will show off your skills and impress future employers.
  • Meet fellow computer science students in Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the computer science honor society, or the student-led Computer Club.

Career Outlook for Computer Scientists

The demand for data science skills is high, and DS skills are highly valued in multiple fields such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, geography, physics, and others. The DS minor meets the needs of students who wish to apply data analytics and visualization in their field of study or independently in an adjacent field.



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