Minor or Concentration in Small Business/

Start and grow a business you’ll be proud of!

Frostburg State University’s Small Business/Entrepreneurship program is an ideal preparation for anyone who dreams of creating an innovative, successful business. Students in the entrepreneurship program immerse themselves into the excitement and complexity of individual business ownership, experiencing for themselves both the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship through real-world lessons. It is the only program of its type offered in the region.

FSU’s Small Business/Entrepreneurship program is available as a minor, which partners well with any major, and as a concentration for Business Administration majors. Whether you want to add to your business skillset or channel your passion into a brand new enterprise, Frostburg’s program has you covered!

  • Prepare to launch, lead and grow your own small business enterprise. Graduates of the program are successfully operating their own businesses through Maryland and beyond.

Small Business/Entrepreneurship Highlights

  • Learn to evaluate business opportunities and markets so you can give your own new business the best opportunity to succeed.
  • Understand the pitfalls and challenges you may face in starting a new business and what you can do to overcome them.
  • Explore business case studies to learn about real-world entrepreneurs and how they planned, launched and grew their businesses.
  • Complete an internship working in a small business, if you wish, to experience firsthand the challenges and advantages of entrepreneurship.
  • Join our campus Entrepreneurship Club to hear industry guest speakers, visit businesses and take part in networking and social events.

About Our Small Business/Entrepreneurship Faculty:

  • Study with faculty members who understand the challenges of beginning a business and are able to provide astute guidance to future business owners.
  • Learn in small classes that provide opportunities to get to know your professors well and be mentored by them in your career.

Sample Small Business/Entrepreneurship Courses:

Entrepreneurial Business Plan – Opportunity assessment and feasibility, analysis as well as implementation, deal structure and operations. Each topic is approached from a pragmatic perspective. Class discussions and assignments are based upon live experiences.

New Business Ventures – Examines the problems and challenges of creating and managing a small business. Emphasis on the development and implementation of a business idea, and the practical aspects of starting and managing a small business and its functional components: accounting, finance, management and marketing.

Management of Organizations – The practice of managing in today’s dynamic environment, the purpose and processes of organizations, managing individuals and groups in organizations. Emphasis is placed on skills needed for management success.

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Career Outlook for Entrepreneurs

A small business is no stronger than the business idea behind it and the consumer or business demand it is able to identify and meet. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide statistics about career prospects in this field because it is simply too diverse. It does, however, provide charts and statistics about recent success of new businesses, which you can review in the US Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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