Law: Pre-professional Program

Dive into the possibilities of a career in law

Frostburg State University is proud to offer a preparatory program for students interested in attending a professional law school. FSU’s program gets you ready to excel in a professional school with strong core classes and dedicated teachers who can help you throughout your studies and application process. You’ll have access to unique resources and one-of-a-kind opportunities to start building your resume with real experience.

FSU’s Law School Preparation program focuses on the basic skills crucial to success in advanced legal studies. You’ll learn to understand human values and the behavior of various institutions, build creative thinking skills and practice organizing your facts and points into a compelling argument.

  • Shape your preparatory program with electives to fit the requirements of the law school you choose.
  • Study law while pursuing an academic major that fits your passion or gives you an edge for advanced studies.

Law Preparation Highlights

  • Design your curriculum from a variety of electives. Recommended courses cover topics in communications, economics, English, geography, philosophy, sociology and more!
  • Pick a major that will give you an edge. An undergraduate major in pre-law is not required for entry into law school, and many prefer applicants with broad, liberal educations. English, history, philosophy, sociology, law & society and political science are some of the most preferred majors for aspiring law students.
  • Prepare for a bright future by developing your communication, reasoning and analytical skills through real-world experience.
  • Join in exciting, out-of-the-classroom experiences. The Political Science department organizes annual trips to the Model Organization of American States (OAS) conference in D.C. and the Model United Nations (UN) conference in Philadelphia.
  • Take on an optional internship experience  that can put your skills to the test in the Maryland General Assembly, local courts, the U.S. Department of State or even Congress!
  • Get ready for your Law School Admission Test (LSAT) with FSU’s LSAT preparatory course, which is offered every fall semester and includes practice tests and a full-length sample exam.

About Our Pre-Professional Program Faculty

  • Meet teachers who are available outside of class and who will eagerly help connect you with unique opportunities and events. Every student gets a carefully selected faculty mentor who knows them by name and meets with them regularly.

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Career Outlook for Law Professionals

Law school graduates can pursue a number of positions in the legal professions, including paralegal, lawyer, mediator, judge, government employee and more. Even within different positions, law professionals can specialize in various aspects of the law, such as criminal, family, corporate and elder law. A juris doctor or other advanced degree is not required to get your foot in the door as a paralegal, but more advanced positions typically require a doctoral degree. For more information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ pages on Legal Occupations.

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