Bachelor of Science in Elementary/Middle School Dual Certification

Double your potential and prepare to teach in grades 1-9

Frostburg State University’s Elementary/Middle School bachelor’s program offers a unique opportunity to excel in a career where preparation is key. Graduates of this program possess a sought-after skill set that combines the broad knowledge of an elementary teacher with the awareness and specialization required for middle school classrooms. As a student, you’ll choose a focus in a general area like math, science, social studies or English and learn about strategies that suit middle schoolers’ particular needs, all while gaining a deep knowledge of elementary educational development and experience in the field. Your Frostburg degree will mark you as an exceptionally well-prepared professional who can confidently take the reins of any elementary or middle grade classroom.

FSU’s program is the first and currently the only bachelor’s degree in Maryland that prepares students for dual certification to teach in middle and elementary schools.

  • Get ready for future success with experience-based courses that let you learn in real-world classrooms.
  • Earn your degree from a university with a history and a reputation for training strong, dynamic teachers.

Bachelor of Science in Elementary/Middle School Highlights:

  • Choose to focus your teaching internships in either elementary or middle school, with 15 weeks in one and 6 in the other to give you a well-rounded experience.

  • Thrive in experiential classes that follow a “study, observe, reflect” model, putting you in touch with quality teachers to see techniques in action with real-world elementary and middle school students.

  • Excel as a teacher with your unique training. While school administrators often have to choose teachers with either general or specialized skill sets, your preparation in both areas means you’ll be ready to shine in any middle school teaching position.

  • Enjoy FSU’s great facilities and resources, which include the Children’s Literature Centre and a collaborative partnership with local public schools.

  • Spend a semester in Limerick, Ireland! FSU offers a direct exchange program with Mary Immaculate College, which boasts strong education programs and allows you to pay FSU tuition while studying abroad.

About Our Elementary/Middle School Faculty:

  • Learn with professors who have years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school classrooms.

  • Meet dedicated faculty members who keep in touch with the professional community, sharing at conferences and writing literature in the field.

Sample Elementary/Middle School Courses You May Take:

Students, Teachers and Learning Environments – A study of students, teachers and learning environments, including the philosophical and historical foundations of the American educational system. Basis for further study in education, including topics on legal and ethical issues and diversity. Controlled observations in educational settings.

Early Adolescent Literacy and Learning – The middle school movement, developmental characteristics of middle grades students, teaching in the middle grades, middle grades philosophy and organization. Clinical field experiences.

Teaching Internship I: P-9 – Supervised practicum at the early childhood, elementary and middle school levels. Joint supervision by school system and university personnel. Daily, full-day clinical experience. When taken during the fall semester, includes a multiple-day, beginning-of-school experience.

Find out more about Frostburg State University’s elementary/middle school education program requirements.

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Program Coordinator Dr. Jodi Nichols

Career Outlook for Elementary/Middle School Teachers:

Due to a scarcity of teachers trained specifically for the field, teaching positions in middle school classrooms typically see higher rates of turnover, creating great opportunities for those prepared for middle-grade students. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also expects a significant number of older elementary and middle school teachers to reach retirement age soon, which will create an increased demand for teachers in general. The need for teachers will vary by region, based on population dynamics and, for public schools, government funding. For more information, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ pages on Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers and Middle School Teachers (U.S. Government Occupational Outlook Handbook).

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