Admission Requirements

Master of Education- Interdisciplinary

Admission to the M.Ed. Interdisciplinary concentration is offered on a rolling basis providing students the opportunity to start in Fall, Spring or Summer semesters.  There are no deadlines for application for this program allowing students to apply up to the start of the semester; however, it would be important to provide a complete application in order to register for the semester.

Successful applicants must hold a bachelor degree from a recognized accredited institution and have earned a GPA of 3.0 or above. Provisional admission can be considered if the student’s GPA is 2.75.  Students with GPA’s under 2.75 can also be admitted with special consideration of the College of Education Academic Monitoring Committee. Students with GPA less than 2.75 will be provided the information to pursue Academic Monitoring approval after filing an online application and receiving all required documents including transcripts and test scores.

Admission requirements include:

  1. Bachelor degree from a regionally accredited institution

  2. GPA of 3.0 or higher (2.75 -2.99 can be considered for provisional admission)

  3. GRE scores (Teachers applying for the program can submit Praxis II scores in lieu of GRE scores)

Note: While there is no minimum score required for the GRE, consideration for admission is based on the overall review of the applicant’s academic background). Students with higher than a 2.75 GPA may register for courses for one semester without having GRE scores but will be required to provide scores prior to the end of the first semester to gain a final admission decision. Students that do not provide GRE scores by the end of the first semester will be unable to register for subsequent semesters.

Note: After all application materials are received by the Office of Graduate Services, the student is matriculated to register if they meet the above application requirements.  The file is forwarded to the Program Coordinator for review and admission to the program. The student is notified to set an advising appointment with the Program Coordinator to develop a study plan. Upon completion of the final study plan, the admission is completed.