Bobcat Innovation Launch Pad

Are you ferociously curious, highly collaborative, and willing to work with others? If so, we have an opportunity for you!

Frostburg State University is excited to host its first regional Bobcat Innovation Launch Pad competition. All students are invited to apply. In partnership the TEDCO Maryland Innovation Lab, Deloitte's Innovation Lab and the University System of Maryland Launch Fund, this competition is an opportunity for teams to work quickly and collectively to develop business models and technology-based solutions to real world problems.


If you'd like to volunteer as an advisor, mentor or supporter for the student teams participating in the event, or learn more, please use the link below.



What is the Innovation Launch Pad?

During the Bobcat Innovation Launch Pad, multidisciplinary teams will put their technical and entrepreneurial skills to the test as they work through problem statements related to this year's themes. Using the agile methodology, teams will conduct market research to create a commercially viable solution and subsequent new technologies to solve difficult issues. Prizes for 1st through 3rd places will be awarded to support further exploration and development of their solutions.



Potential Problem Statements


Friendly Name

Problem Statement


Topic quick reference

1st person statement


Power Elasticity

Large, sustained power outages have occurred with increasing frequency in the U.S. over the past two decades. In 2000 there were fewer than 24 major disruptions while in 2020 the number surpassed 180. How do individuals and businesses alike develop Disaster Recover (DR)/Business Continuity Plan (BCP) strategies with local capacitive storage capabilities and software analytics to create their own power, smart grids, and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)?


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

As the world tries to rapidly shift towards battery electric vehicles, the infrastructure to support them in an environmentally conscious way continues to fall behind. The environment, automotive manufacturers, and the consumer will all be hindered from adopting the future of mobility without solving the supply chain of delivering clean energy to future vehicles. How do federal, state, and local governments adapt and support for the lack of electric charger infrastructure, lack of clean energy generation to chargers, and lack of sustainable battery component mining?


ESG Assurance

Investment management firms and government regulators need a way to consistently identify and track a company's performance as it relates to their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. What is the best way to help them do that given the breadth of this category, inconsistent measures and limited data points available?


Micro Grids

The LG and Tesla Powerwall are mass electrical capacitive storage systems. Installed into consumers' homes, they go beyond a Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) as smart capacitors can buy power off the grid when it's cheaper at night, do power arbitrage selling power back to the grid, and support full power loads on homes and electric vehicle charging. Unfortunately, a Powerwall costs $14,000 plus electrician and permit costs and caters to single family home owners. How do 44 million renters, those who own apartments, and those who cannot afford expensive Tesla products participate in energy management and smart power efficiencies?


Shadow Utility

In 2006, Lennar Homes took a radical approach to home building requiring solar on every home they build without the buyer asking or paying for it. Home owners did not have to pay for or maintain their roof or solar system, but they had the option to buy power from the utility at full price, or from Lennar solar farm for less. As the largest solar farm on land they didn't pay for, they secretly created a shadow utility to be able to sell that power back to the grid or to customers. What other products, ecosystems, or verticals could benefit from this kind of disruptive thinking and scaled leverage for renewable and ESG-friendly power?


For Each Problem Statement Also Consider...

  • Market/Audience for Problem - Who/what is the problem impacting?
  • University Value Proposition - Why is your idea uniquely positioned to tackle the problem?
  • Value Proposition - How will clients benefit from the problem being solved?

Suggest A Problem Statement



There are no costs to students and lunches and refreshments will be provided during the event.
Online applications are being accepted until the Friday, September 15th at 5:00 pm deadline.

(An engineering or coding background is not required)




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