Position Information Form (PIF) Collection - FY 2022

May 24, 2021 8:30 AM

Once again, it is time to collect updated job descriptions - Position Information Forms (PIFs) - for you and your direct reports in regular status exempt and nonexempt positions. The PIF collection process occurs every three (3) years. With the new Performance Management Process (PMP) starting for FY 2022, it is a great opportunity for you to discuss and update the PIFs. It is very important that the PIFs accurately reflect the key day-to-day job duties and responsibilities of the position with alignment to the goals and objectives of the department and university. Below is a chart that will assist you in estimating the percentage of time spent per week completing job duties.

Percentage         Per Week
5 percent            2 hours
10 percent          4 hours
15 percent          6 hours
20 percent          8 hours
25 percent          10 hours

For your convenience, please use this link to access the PIF form on the OHR webpage: Alphabetical List of HR Forms.

Note: Submission of a current PIF is a requirement. PIFs must be signed by the employee and supervisor with final signature of the divisional Vice President or department or college Chair before submitting either electronically or through campus mail to OHR. Deadline is August 1, 2021.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your HR Business Partner, Chris Everett or Heather Killeen. As always, thank you for your help and immediate attention to this matter.