Regulations and Forms

Club Sport Handbook

Club Sport Athletes

Club Sport Athletes must be registered in ARMS and complete all medical clearance forms including university administered concussion testing prior to any physical practice.

Club sport athletes must send their full name, FSU e-mail address and FSU ID number to to be added to their club sport team ARMS roster. Club sport athlete must specify their club sport team.

All club sport athletes must submit current physical and sickle cell results. The physician must complete the following two FSU forms and the athlete will then upload to their ARMS account.

Physical Examination Form

Sickle Cell Form

All club sport athletes must have an EKG. Primary care physicians are able to write the order for an EKG, or athletes may go to Solace Healthcare in Cumberland, Maryland for a walk-in EKG. The athlete will then upload their results to their ARMS account.


Club Sport League Dues

All club sport athletes will be required to pay a yearly fee to their national governing body and conference.


$75 - National Collegiate Rugby
$15 - Allegheny Rugby Union

It is also the responsibility of clubs to pay team dues and/or fundraise to cover club expenses. 

Club Team Officers

Club Team Officers must submit the following forms at the beginning of each academic year:

Other Forms