Enhanced Transfer Now Benefits Allegany College of Maryland, Garrett College Students Continuing at FSU

Jun 30, 2021 12:20 PM

An enhanced transfer agreement among Frostburg State University (FSU), Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) and Garrett College (GC) will provide students transferring from the region’s two community colleges to FSU a greater opportunity to succeed.

Building on strong partnerships among the institutions, the agreement strengthens efforts to create a seamless pathway for students who earn their associate degrees at ACM and GC, then transfer to FSU to complete bachelor’s degrees. It will help students transition and be successful in four-year programs and specifically enhances lines of communication among the three schools. For example, changes in curriculum at FSU will be more efficiently and effectively shared with ACM and GC, allowing them to adapt if needed.

The agreement also enhances the reverse transfer process for FSU students who previously attended but did not graduate from ACM or GC, allowing for completing of an associate degree.

“We want this process to be as transparent and easy as possible,” said Dr. Ron Nowaczyk, FSU’s president. “This agreement and the work among our institutions will help ensure that we have the answers for students to succeed, allowing us to continue to be the economic engines for the region.”

“Western Maryland is fortunate to have three institutions of higher education that work well together. The partnership among us is critical to providing accessible and affordable education to students in our region. Our successful collaboration on this agreement enables area residents to seamlessly earn a bachelor’s degree,” said Dr. Cynthia Bambara, ACM’s president.

“This agreement is just one more example of the collaborative relationship between FSU, GC and ACM – a relationship that dramatically benefits our students. Our regional partnership serves as a model of cooperation among two- and four-year institutions, and I appreciate the commitment to collaboration regularly demonstrated by both President Nowaczyk and President Bambara,” said Dr. Richard Midcap, GC’s president.

To learn more, call 301-687-4201 or email FSUAdmissions@frostburg.edu.