From the President’s Desk: Our Role in Uncertain Times

Nov 10, 2020 8:00 AM

As THE four-year institution in Western Maryland, we are charged with providing a valuable educational experience — even during times of concern, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the current presidential transition. This is certainly a learning experience for us all.

We have been very encouraged by the efforts of the vast majority of our students, faculty and staff. Feedback and responses from many in the University community‚ including alumni, have expressed appreciation of our efforts to provide an in-person educational opportunity as safely as possible, especially when so many of their peers at other schools have not had the same option.

We also have been moving strongly on connecting with businesses interested in partnering with us here in Western Maryland. In particular, industries who are transitioning to more teleworking because of COVID-19 are interested in the opportunities we offer.

We will continue to provide our higher education services based on data, best practices and guidance from the national, state and local governments and health officials. There are many opinions out there on our efforts. We welcome civil and respectful dialogue and pledge to remain as transparent as possible.

As we have all along, information is provided at the COVID web site. Updates are posted weekly — often more frequently. We also encourage you to share any feedback or concerns.

We are proud of our Bobcat community's efforts — and remember, we will remain Bobcats through it all.