Tuition Assistance for Military-serving Students

Ethical Enrollment Practices

Frostburg State University is committed to ethical enrollment practices. FSU does not provide commissions, bonuses, or other incentives for securing enrollments to any persons or entities engaged in student recruiting, admissions, or decisions regarding the awarding of financial aid, including federal Tuition Assistance funds for military-serving students.

Frostburg State University refrains from high-pressure recruitment tactics through making multiple unsolicited contacts by phone, email, in-person, or same-day recruitment and registration events for the purpose of securing military-serving enrollments.

Contact your Educational Services Officer

If you are a military-serving individual considering federal Tuition Assistance from your active duty, reserve, or national guard unit, please ensure that you speak with your unit's Educational Services Officer (ESO) prior to enrolling at Frostburg State University. Your ESO will be able to assist you with understanding your potential benefits and the typical enrollment process.

Financial Aid Point of Contact

The Veterans Services Center at Frostburg State University works collaboratively with campus stakeholders to ensure student-veterans and military-serving students have access to important financial aid information. Along with having an understanding of the full cost of attendance, including tuition and fees, the Director of Financial Aid, Travis Hitchins (301-687-4799 and serves as the direct Point of Contact for military-serving students. His expertise in federal student aid and providing leadership to a team of financial aid counselors will ensure military-serving members will be able to maximize their financial aid resources to assist in obtaining their degree.

Financial Aid Information

Current and future military-serving members can connect to Financial Aid resources through our FSU website, email, call 301-687-4301, or stop by our office at the entrance of Pullen Hall. The Financial Aid website provides extensive information on types of aid available, how to qualify and apply for aid, and how to manage your aid throughout your experience as a student.

Student Loan Default Rate

Frostburg State's current default rate is 6.6%. A default rate is the percentage of a school's borrowers who entered loan repayment during a specific year and then defaulted on that loan prior to the end of the next fiscal year. If a student has defaulted on a loan, then that student is more than 270 days behind on their loan payment. The national cohort default rate average is currently 9.7%.

Tuition Assistance Refund Policy

Information regarding Tuition Assistance refunds can be found in the "Expenses" section of our undergraduate and graduate academic catalogs. If you are using Tuition Assistance (TA) to pay for your education and drop or withdraw from a course prior to completing 60 percent of the course, the Department of Defense requires that FSU return any unearned TA funds to the department based on how much of the course you completed and that you pay a portion of those returned funds. You may owe a portion of your tuition to FSU and a portion to your military branch. Before dropping or withdrawing from a course, please contact your military education counselor or education services officer to determine how it could impact your military Tuition Assistance and potential repayment obligations. If you withdrew due to a military service obligation, you may be eligible for an exception. Contact the Veterans Services Office and provide a copy of the military orders to complete a withdraw form. If it is approved, you will not be responsible for the FSU portion of the returned funds.

Your earned TA is determined based on the following formula: The Percentage of TA Earned equals the Days Completed Before Drop, Withdrawal, or Last Participation divided by the Total Number of Days in the Course.

Please note: If you officially or unofficially withdraw from a course and did not complete at least 60 percent of the course, you may not be eligible for the total amount initially awarded through Tuition Assistance. In cases where some or all of the Tuition Assistance must be returned to the military, you will be responsible for all balances on your PAWS student account. Please refer to the FSU Course Withdrawal Policy.

Programmatic Accreditation

Frostburg State University has accreditation as an authorized institution of higher education through the Middle State Commission on Higher Education. Several programs of study have additional accreditation standards to validate degrees based on national standards. These programs are documented on our Accrediting Agencies webpage.  

FSU Degree Programs Requiring Licensure and Certification Approval

Frostburg State University has several programs of study which require professional licensure or certification to be employed in the corresponding field of study. More specific information regarding the professional licensure or certification process is available through the specific programs of study academic departments and are included as part of the introductory coursework.

Semester Plans of Study

Frostburg State University provides detailed 8-semester plans for all undergraduate majors. Educational plans for graduate programs are detailed through the Graduate Programs website, the Graduate Academic Catalog, and specific academic program webpages.   

Credit Transfer Policy

Frostburg State University provides extensive information regarding the Admission of Transfer Students, Transfer Policies, Acceptance of Transfer Credits, and review of Military Credits in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog. Specific information regarding the review of transfer credits are found on our Transfer Students webpage and specific Transfer Agreements with other colleges and universities are provided as well. 

Tuition Assistance Point of Contact

Frostburg State University and the Division of Student Affairs is committed to excellent service to student-veterans and military-serving students. As such, the Director of Veterans Services, Clarissa Lang serves as the point of contact (POC) for this important population of students and families. The FSU Veterans Center serves as the on-campus hub for support, resources, and engagement for our student-veterans and military-serving students. Ms. Lang can be reached at 301-687-4409,, or stopping by the Veterans Center at 150 Park Avenue. Clarissa will connect you with information regarding academic counseling, financial aid, career services, and other institution support programs.

Readmissions Policy

If you previously were admitted and attended the University but did not earn a degree and have been absent for one semester or more, you must submit an application for readmission. Contact the Admissions Office for a readmission application form. Students who left on academic probation or suspension are required to submit an essay. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information. Additionally, FSU follows the Provisions for U.S. Armed Forces Members and Family as outlined in the Federal Student Aid Handbook (Chapter 3 of Volume 2).

A student called to active military duty during a national or international crisis or conflict should inform the University of the reason for his/her withdrawal prior to leaving, including presentation of copies of appropriate military orders, in order to benefit from special policies and procedures governing interruption of one’s academic career for such military service. Please contact any one of the following offices. The designated contact person in each office will assist in facilitating your withdrawal and will contact other offices to ensure that special exemptions concerning refunds and W or I grades are applied:

Veterans Services
150 Park Avenue

Office of the Registrar
144 Pullen Hall

Student Affairs
116 Hitchins Administration Building