About the Intern: Tyler Anthony Bauer

Jul 14, 2020 1:00 PM

Tyler BauerGraduating senior, Tyler Anthony Bauer, recently completed a full-time internship with the Center for Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Frostburg State University this spring. A double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology, Tyler had balanced careers both in education and politics throughout his undergraduate career and didn’t know what path he wanted to follow. Wanting to channel both his activism and experience in higher education, he elected to intern under the supervision of the Director of CSDEI, Mrs. Robin Wynder.

Throughout his internship, Tyler was able to continue many of the projects he was working on before his internship. Due to the hard work put in by Tyler and other members of a committee organized by the university’s president, the wording for the plaques to be put on the Brownsville Monument was finally approved and construction of the monument will begin soon. Tyler was also able to bring the topic of educating students about Brownsville to the top of the university’s administration while also developing action plans with our new VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Artie Travis, to help implement the education of the history of Brownsville across the University.

During his internship experience, Tyler also worked with various student organizations all over campus and helped to establish Social Justice for All, a student organization, as part of the office. Tyler’s internship didn’t just end when the workday ended. He always ensured to utilize his platform outside of the workplace and brought this platform to his positions as a Resident Assistant and as part of the President’s Leadership Circle. Due to the semester being cut short because of the Corona Virus, a lot of what Tyler had planned and organized during the semester couldn’t be realized but will be implemented in the next academic year.

Tyler is an alum of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Presidential Campaign, Senator Roger Manno’s Congressional Campaign, former NAACP National President Ben Jealous’s Gubernatorial Campaign, and has recently served as the Vice Coordinator for the Maryland for Bernie 2020 Campaign. He has worked at FSU as an Academic Skills Tutor with the PASS Office, a Tutor/Counselor with Upward Bound, and as a Resident Assistant with the Residence Life Office. Balancing his professional career with his co-curricular experiences, Tyler has also been the President of the Frostburg State College Democrats since the fall of 2016 and has also held membership in the FSU chapter of the NAACP, President’s Leadership Circle, as well as the co-founder of the National General Assembly.

Tyler cites Colin Kaepernick, Fred Hampton, and Che Guevarra as his heroes and those who have has the greatest influence on who he is today. He noted that if not for Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem on August 26th, 2016, the day before he moved into Cumberland Hall for his freshman year at FSU, he may have never taken the path in life that he did and if not for Kaepernick’s use of his own platform to protest police brutality, he would not be the man who he is today. After Frostburg, he would like to continue his career in higher education and earn his PhD in Public Policy. Tyler’s ultimate goal however is to one day be elected as Governor of Maryland.


One quote Tyler lives by:

By having no family,
I have inherited the family of humanity.
By having no possessions,
I have possessed all.
By rejecting the love of one,
I have received the love of all.
By surrendering my life to the revolution,
I have found eternal life.
Revolutionary suicide.
- Dr. Huey P. Newton