Did you know?

Jul 14, 2020 12:00 PM

The building that you may know as "the old police station" was the site of the Lincoln School. The Lincoln School was the school located in Brownsville; an African American community started by Tamer Brown, a formerly enslaved woman, in 1866 which used to exist on the land FSU stands on today. The Lincoln School was a one room schoolhouse built for the purpose of educating residents of Brownsville who could not attend other schools in the area due to segregation.

Lincoln School - vintage photo
Lincoln School, vintage with school children in front
modern day image of formfer Lincoln School building now in brick

Leon Brumback, first black graduate of FSUIn June of 1961, Leon Brumback of Hancock, MD became Frostburg State University's first African American Graduate. He later earned his Master of Education in 1967 from FSU as well. Mr. Brumback would later go on to become an educator and youth advocate in Washington County. In 1994, he won FSU's Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award and was named Washington County's Teacher of the Year. Brumback would later retire from Washington County Public Schools in 1998 but has remained very active in education since then.

Harold Delaney The area surrounding FSU's iconic clocktower is known as the Delaney Plaza. The plaza is named after Dr. Harold Delaney and his wife Geraldine Delaney and was dedicated as the Delaney Plaza on April 27, 1995. Dr. Delaney was the Interim President of FSU in 1991 and was the first African American executive in the university's history. Delaney was also one of the few African Americans to participate in the Manhattan Project and the design of the first atomic bombs.

metal plaque in memorium of Martin Luther King Jr affixed to a stoneIn the arboretum at FSU, there is a Martin Luther King Jr. reflection area and memorial. It features the quote “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.” This quote itself acts as a call to service for those who visit the reflection area.