The Brownsville Play (TBP)

Oct 11, 2023 12:00 AM

This play was initially performed five years ago at the historic Frostburg Palace Theater on Main Street, Frostburg. This year’s performance reflected the hard work and dedication of The Brownsville Project and the resulting learning. In addition to the play, Clory spoke to numerous classes from different disciplines about using theater and transformative justice. The play was held in the Performing Arts Center Pearler Recital Hall and had approximately 150 people in attendance. The Brownsville Project works to abolish systemic oppression by helping communities confront and heal from suppressed history. They strive to create structural change and healing for those who have historically experienced the most harm. TBP will continue to work to uncover and reveal more about the Brownsville Project to present a more accurate and comprehensive picture of the community, never to be hidden again.

the Brownsville Project at FSU: Live Play and Social Discourse
Flyer of the event that took place on campus.

Group of students at 1906 Lincoln School
1906 Lincoln School