Bill Miller Reconciliation & Diversity Symposium: The Red Road to Victory

Oct 9, 2023 12:00 AM

Although it is not a federal holiday yet, President Joe Biden declared Monday, October 9, 2023, as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” to celebrate and honor indigenous peoples and commemorate their culture and history. This day was recognized at FSU through a series of events with ODEI, the Cultural Events Series, and some local agencies. ODEI hosted Mr. Bill Miller in the AWMCCLS where he introduced his musical stylings with the native flute and offered an examination of his Mohican tribal history and culture; Miller then shared his journey from victim to victory, illustrating the “12 feathers of healing,” which model his vision of transformation through reconciliation. He demonstrates the relationship between majority and minority cultures, the ineffectual result of teaching tolerance and assimilation, and how to attain a redemptive culture of understanding and peace.

Photo of Bill Miller
Bill Miller Photo credit/Courtesy of the Artist

Students at Bill Miller's presentation
Bill Miller gave his presentation with students and the FSU community in attendance.